What architectural style is Casa Batllo?

What architectural style is Casa Batllo?

Modern architectureExpressionist architecture
Casa Batlló/Architectural styles
Casa Batlló, once a private residence in Barcelona, Spain, exemplifies Catalan modernist style. Antoni Gaudí, one of the most prominent modernist architects of the twentieth century, designed the building, which is now a museum.

What is special about Casa Batllo?

A unique façade. Casa Batlló is a proclamation of joy, a canvas of marine inspiration, a dream world that evokes nature and fantasy. Its façade is the doorway to this symbolic universe, filling the beholder with feelings that are set against a backdrop of continuous dialogue with light and colour.

When did Gaudi start the Casa Batllo?

Casa Batlló was originally built in 1877 by Antoni Gaudí. Casa Batlló, standing on commercially significant street Passeig de Graçia in Barcelona, was originally built in 1877 by Antoni Gaudí.

Does anyone live in the Casa Batllo?

Casa Batlló ceased to be owned by the Batlló family in the 1950s. It was then owned by different wealthy people and companies, until the Bernat family, the founders of the Chupa-Chups company, took over the building in the 1990s. Today they are still the owners, and it is they who restored the house in its entirety.

What makes Casa Batllo Art Nouveau?

Like everything Gaudí designed, Casa Batlló is only identifiable as Modernisme or Art Nouveau in the broadest sense. The ground floor, in particular, has unusual tracery, irregular oval windows and flowing sculpted stone work.

Is it worth visiting Casa Batllo?

For a whopping €25, you have the privilege to enter one of Gaudí’s most famous masterpieces: Casa Batlló. But, the reality is that the best part is free and what you see inside, isn’t worth paying for. It’s one of the most convenient of Gaudí’s works to visit, and the exterior is arguably one of his most impressive.

Is Casa Batllo Art Nouveau?

Do people live in Gaudi buildings?

There are still rented residential apartments in the building that are home to families that have been living here for more than 70 years. To be specific, Casa Mila continues to have three tenants.

What does Casa Batlló mean in English?

House of Bones
Casa Batlló (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkazə βəˈʎːo]) is a building in the center of Barcelona. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), as it has a visceral, skeletal organic quality.

What are the main features of Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau Characteristics

  • Asymmetrical shapes.
  • Extensive use of arches and curved forms.
  • Curved glass.
  • Curving, plant-like embellishments.
  • Mosaics.
  • Stained glass.
  • Japanese motifs.

What is the Casa Batlló roof made of?

ceramic tiles
A legendary roof Among other names, Casa Batlló is known as “the House of the Dragon” and the symbolism on its façade is related to the Legend of Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia. The ceramic tiles that crown the building form a colourful and wavy mantle that resemble a dragon’s back.

Can you live in Casa Mila?