What apps do you need to customize your iPhone?

What apps do you need to customize your iPhone?

Apple’s iOS 14 update allows users to customize their home screen, making phones more personal than ever (neon aesthetic, anyone?)….12 Apps to Help You Customize Your Phone’s Home Screen With iOS 14

  • Aesthetic Kit.
  • Brass.
  • ScreenKit.
  • Colorful Widget.
  • Icon Changer Custom Theme.

What apps should I have on my iPhone 2020?

20 Must-Have iPhone Apps for 2020 (Free and Paid) appsntips.

  • 20 Must-Have Apps for iPhone in 2020. Before we begin this article, let us make somethings clear.
  • Headspace. I want to start this list with an app that has made a real and valuable change in my life.
  • Things 3.
  • Spark.
  • Sofa.
  • Audible.
  • LastPass.
  • Can you disguise apps on iPhone?

    You Can’t Completely Hide an App on iPhone or iPad. Apple has never provided the ability to hide an app on iOS or iPadOS. The only way to completely remove an app from your iPhone or iPad is to delete it. To delete an app, tap and hold its icon until a pop-up menu appears.

    What apps should I download on my iPhone?

    10 must-have apps for your new iPhone

    • Spectre Camera.
    • 1Password.
    • Carrot Weather.
    • Overcast.
    • MyFitnessPal.
    • Streaks.
    • Zombies, Run!
    • Things.

    How can I make my iPhone look cool?

    Here are several ways to make your iPhone unique to you.

    1. Get a Custom Case or Skin.
    2. Set a Unique Wallpaper. Turning to the software side of personalization, you should add a cool wallpaper to your phone.
    3. Pick a New Ringtone and Text Tone.
    4. Add Your Photo.
    5. Customize Control Center and Widgets.
    6. Build a Custom Home Screen.

    What is the most popular iPhone App?

    App App Name Category Category
    1 YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream Photo & Video
    2 TikTok Entertainment
    3 Instagram Photo & Video
    4 Facebook Social Networking