Should I steal from anise Skyrim?

Should I steal from anise Skyrim?

Anise’s Cabin is not used in any quest lines that I, or this page are aware of. There’s a letter to Anise, an Alchemy skill book, an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter in the basement, a bed and a garden. That’s it. No quests reference it, everything in the house is considered stolen if you take it.

Is it safe to store things in Anises cabin?

The cabin’s basement is non-respawning, meaning that all containers are safe for storage.

Who is Helgi in anise letter?

Near her bed is a trapdoor to her cellar. In it can be found Anise’s Letter to Helgi, which reveals Anise to be a witch. Anise’s relation to Helgi is unknown; however, it is known that Anise and Helgi are both of magical talent and wish to start a coven in the forest of Falkreath, where Anise’s cabin resides.

Where is the flawless emerald near anise cabin?

On a narrow grassy shelf on the rocky banks of White River, close to a single pine tree, lay the skeletal remains of an elk. A flawless emerald is in its ribcage, free for the picking.

Is Anise a vampire?

Physical appearance. She appears indifferent to anyone just visiting, but is secretly a witch and will become hostile if she sees anyone stealing from her or if the Dragonborn enters her cellar, which contains an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab, as well as various alchemical ingredients.

Is Anise a witch Skyrim?

Anise is an old woman who lives by herself in a cabin just off the road leading from Helgen to Riverwood. Searching her cabin reveals that she is an alchemist and a witch but she does not want this known and will attack if her secret is found out.

Can I store items in my room at the College of Winterhold?

10 Answers. Places you can safely store your items include any houses you buy, your companion(s), and your horse. I have personally stored items in my apprentice quarters in the College of Winterhold without problems, however others have had stuff go missing from there, so be careful. Other containers may not be safe.

Who is Moira in Skyrim?

Moira is an originally non-hostile hagraven inhabiting Witchmist Grove. She does not appear before the related quest begins, but will remain alive if you avoid confronting her. She will become hostile through dialogue, and when defeated, you will find the quest item “wedding ring” in her inventory.

Who sends hired thugs in Skyrim?

In addition to children and dogs, Paarthurnax may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn should they steal from the Greybeards.

What does a flawless garnet do in Skyrim?

A Flawless Garnet is a precious gem that can be found in various containers throughout Skyrim. They are typically used in making jewelry, though they can also be sold.

Where can I find Ruby in Skyrim?

Locations. Can be found on dead giants. Can also be found in random loot. Several more can be found in certain containers with the Prowler’s Profit perk.

Where is anise’s cabin in Skyrim?

Anise’s Cabin Anise’s Cabin is a small, open cabin in Falkreath Hold near where the White River meets Lake Ilinalta. This cabin is very close to where you are after escaping from Helgen. It’s also very close to the exit from Bleak Falls Barrow and The Guardian Stones.

Where is anise in Fortnite?

Anise is an elderly Nord who lives just southwest of Riverwood, and can often be found gardening or sitting on a chair outside her cabin.

Where can I find anise?

Anise is an elderly Nord who lives just southwest of Riverwood, and can often be found gardening or sitting on a chair outside her cabin . “I’m just a poor old woman, dear.

Are containers at anise’s cabin safe to use for storage?

I conclude that the containers at Anise’s Cabin are safe to use for storage, except the sacks. I’ll be doing so for this character, and seeing whether this pattern sticks.