The world keeps advancing at a rapid rate. This leads to the influx of personal cars in city roads and that heightens the concerns people have regarding environmental degradation. The increase in use of private cars is a concern to environmentalists given the impact their pollution has on the environment (Alva-Gonzáles, 2008). It may be convenient traveling in a personal car, but taking a moment to consider environmental degradation may alter this opinion. There is the logistic, financial and attitude aspects, which lead to the preference of either private or public transport. Reducing private car usage in developing countries should be minimized to reduce environmental degradation.



Public transport is the healthy option compared to private transportation due to the minimization of cars that produce fumes along the roads. It is important for people to change their attitudes regarding public travel through presenting its beneficial aspects to the public.

Making people to change from travelling using their private cars and opting for public transport can be effected in a couple of ways (Ecola, Rohr, Zmud,  Kuhnimhof, Phleps, Rand Corporation, Rand Transportation, Space, and Technology, 2014).. In consideration to the financial aspect, there is need for allocation of funds to make public transport cheaper. If using subways and buses offers people a chance to save some money, then it would become a desirable option compared to extra costs incurred by driving personal cars.

Train and bus stations ought to be located closely so that accessing them does not involve walking long distances. People feel that there is convenience in travelling using private cars since they can take one to any destination. This is contrary to the allocation provided by buses, which have specific stops. This takes into account the logistical perspective for encouraging people to embrace public transport and save the next generation.

Creating an understanding that adopting public transport has a healthy effect to both people and the environment is a perfect strategy for involving people into accepting the idea. It is upon the government to allocate more resources for enhancing public transport. There is need to increase on reliability, hygiene and cost.