One Gadget I can’t do without

Of all the gadgets I have ever used, a calculator is one that I cannot do without not only in profession line but also in my daily errands. Mathematical problems, business statements, and numerical equations preparation are easy with the help of calculators (OpenLearn, n.d.). Daily, I encounter chores that demand use of a calculator, which I use as a key element in realizing solutions. In fact, if I become incapable of using a calculator today, my life will certainly halt considering that I use the gadget to earn a living.  At first, I thought my phone was the most crucial device, only to realize that I can still survive without it the day I forgot it. Such is contrary to a calculator.  Because of the complex numerical problems in my scope of work, a scientific calculator facilitates execution of trigonometric, statistical, and graphical functions (OpenLearn, n.d.). Such ability and features qualify it as the gadget I cannot do without.

The outstanding characteristics of this gadget include; reliability, accuracy, speed and simplicity (Mullis, 2004). It is also easy to use and gives instant results. Modern mobile phones come with an inbuilt calculator among other useful applications. Clearly, mobile-manufacturing companies are cognizant of the significance of this gadget and thus continuing to incorporate it in latest phones. In fact, I tend to think they are reading my mind. Latest phone models have included complex functionalities such as trigonometric and statistical prowess (Mullis, 2004). Such responsive development further heightens the significance of a calculator in people’s lives. Regardless, calculators prevail over phones due to their enduring battery life, easy to operate, affordability (Mullis, 2004). Because of the patronage to my profession, enable earn a living and enable my daily errands, I cannot do without a calculator.