Is VSP the same as superior vision?

Is VSP the same as superior vision?

Is Superior Vision VSP? Superior Vision is not VSP: the companies are two different vision insurance companies. VSP is one of the largest vision insurance providers with 88 million members around the world. Like Superior Vision, VSP also maintains a large network of eye doctors.

Is superior vision the same as Davis Vision?

Julie Kaplan, vice president, marketing, for Versant Health, said that while Superior Vision and Davis Vision are going to be coming together under the new moniker, both companies will continue to serve their respective members and clients. The Superior and Davis Vision sites also remain active.

Does superior vision cover Raybans?

Enjoy a $50 reward with the purchase of Varilux® Progressive lenses with a Crizal® No-Glare treatment or Eyezen® Single Vision lenses with a Crizal No-Glare treatment in a participating eyewear frame brands, including Ray-Ban®, Oakley®, Costa®, Arnette® and Vogue® Eyewear.

Does superior vision have a copay?

Discounts and allowances can be applied to certain procedures, such as LASIK. Superior Vision prides itself on offering everyday savings on eye care for groups and individuals across the U.S. Basic plans require copays and monthly premiums between $12 and $25 per month, while premium plans will cost slightly more.

Does superior vision cover progressive lenses?

The vision plan is designed to cover “basic” lenses and frames. Lined bifocals and trifocals are standard lenses and covered in full; progressive lenses are covered at the eye care professional’s in-office retail price for a standard lined trifocal.

Who bought superior vision?

Centerbridge Partners
Superior Vision is a leading provider of vision and eye health solutions to the full spectrum of the vision care marketplace, including employer groups, health plans, and government-sponsored programs.

Who bought out superior vision?

Does Davis Vision still exist?

Davis Vision has been providing comprehensive vision care benefits for over 50 years. Access to better vision begins with having the qualified eye care professionals in our network, which helps us to ensure our members can find cost-effective care, and a variety of styles.

Does 1800 contacts take superior vision?

Does 1-800 CONTACTS accept vision insurance? Yes. 1-800 CONTACTS is an in-network provider for Davis Vision, Superior Vision (Versant Health), Spectera (United Healthcare), Blue View Vision, and Anthem BCBS (administered by EyeMed).

How do I file a claim with superior vision?

Instead, call Superior Vision Customer Service at 800.507. 3800 and we will be glad to help you. You may submit a claim online by entering the member’s information on the Claims and Authorizations page, and selecting Submit a Claim. A chart will appear at the bottom of the page with information about the member.

Does superior vision cover contacts and glasses?

Superior Vision provides primary vision care benefits including eye examinations, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses through a broad-based provider network of both ophthalmologists and optometrists. The plan also contracts with a large number of national and regional optometric chain locations.

Does superior vision cover prescription sunglasses?

Who accepts superior vision insurance?

Eye Boutique Accepts Superior Vision Insurance If you have vision insurance through Superior Vision, you’re eligible for regular eye exams and corrective eyewear at Eye Boutique.

What providers are in the EyeMed network?


  • Pearle Vision
  • Optical services at Target (PLEASE NOTE: Effective February 1,2020,the EyeMed Advantage Network will not include Sears Optical,JCPenney Optical,or Stanton Optical)
  • Regional retail providers
  • Online providers
  • Where is superior vision located?

    Superior Vision Services, Inc. is a Foreign Corporation, located in Rancho Cordova, CA and was formed on Aug 18, 2004.

    What is superior vision insurance?

    Superior Vision is a vision insurance company focused on providing quality eye care and treatment, rather than simply offering savings on eyewear. Their eye care solutions are comprehensive, and on average, provide savings of 20% or more on eye-related costs.