Is Volkswagen E-Golf reliable?

Is Volkswagen E-Golf reliable?

Volkswagen e-Golf Reliability Problems. e-Golf owners have made 2 complaints over 6 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 6th in overall reliability out of 25 VW models , with plenty of electrical concerns.

Why did VW discontinue the e-Golf?

Based on the previous, seventh-generation Golf, which itself ended production in late 2019 to make way for its Mk8 successor, the e-Golf was Volkswagen’s first mainstream battery-electric production car. …

What’s the range on a VW e-Golf?

144 miles
The Volkswagen e-Golf has a big battery that provides a reassuringly long driving range

Range Battery size Rapid charge time
144 miles 35.8kWh 36 mins (50kW, 10-80%)

Is the e-Golf fast?


0-62 mph 9.6 seconds
Top speed 93 mph
Engine power 134 bhp / 100 kW
Torque 290 Nm

How long will e-Golf battery last?

And an e-golf has 125 mile range. I’ll call it 100 miles real world, since you need to include in stuff like the heater which also uses the battery. So 100 miles * 3000 cycles = 300,000 miles.

How long do VW Egolf batteries last?

How long do the batteries last? Our aim is always for our batteries to last as long as the cars. We guarantee a minimum capacity of 70 percent for eight years or 160,000 kilometers. But drivers can also influence the length of a battery’s service life.

Is the e-Golf still available?

The time has come to say goodbye to the Volkswagen e-Golf, the all-electric hatchback that is ending its run as VW’s subtle EV entry, the last of which have landed in Canada as 2020 models.

What will replace the e-Golf?

VW confirmed that the production of electric e-Golf ends today at the Transparent Factory in Dresden. It will be replaced by the new ID. 3 electric car. The VW e-Golf was, by most people’s description, a compliance electric car.

How long do VW e-Golf batteries last?

Volkswagen’s Center of Excellence for Battery Cells chief Frank Blome said that the goal for the upcoming MEB-based electric car is to guarantee a minimum capacity of 70% for eight years or 160,000 km (around 100,000 miles). The battery pack is expected to last as long as the cars.

Will electric cars get cheaper?

ELECTRIC vehicles are currently considerably more expensive than conventional petrol cars but this is expected to change dramatically over this decade. The latest research shows that some electric vehicles will be cheaper to produce than petrol models by as early as 2026.

How much does an e-Golf cost?

How much does it cost to charge a VW e-Golf?

Type Cost/kWh Cost per mile
Home 14 p/kWh 3.4 p/mile
Public Rapid 30 p/kWh to 80% charge 5.8 p/mile

Which electric car has the longest range?

  1. Mercedes EQS – 485 miles. The longest-range electric car currently on sale is also one of the newest: the Mercedes EQS.
  2. Mercedes EQE – 410 miles.
  3. Tesla Model S – 405 miles.
  4. BMW iX – 380 miles.
  5. Ford Mustang Mach-E – 379 miles.
  6. BMW i4 – 367 miles.
  7. Tesla Model 3 – 360 miles.
  8. Tesla Model X – 360 miles.

Is this the Volkswagen e-Golf we’re looking for?

But the prospect of gliding into our test track car park with some miles showing on the ‘range remaining’ estimator, and without beads of sweat on our brows, is a tantalising prospect that is becoming more and more realistic by the month. The current hope is this Volkswagen e-Golf, priced and sized to compete with the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.

How powerful is the 2019 VW e-Golf?

Overview With all the sprightliness and most of the practicality of the regular Golf, the 2019 VW e-Golf is Volkswagen’s electric car, and provides all-electric motoring in a handsome little package. An electric motor puts out 134 horsepower and draws energy from a 35.8-kWh battery pack.

What kind of battery does a Volkswagen e-Golf have?

Overview. Inheriting the excellence of its gas-powered sibling, the e-Golf zaps its way through a growing field of affordable EVs. The e-Golf utilizes a 134-hp 100-kWh electric motor powered by a 35.8-kWh lithium-ion battery. The EPA estimates 125 miles of range on a single charge; fuel economy is rated at a combined 119 MPGe.

How does the e-Golf work?

The e-Golf is propelled solely by an electric motor sending 114bhp to the front wheels, fed by a 24.2kW lithium ion battery tucked down between the axles. Apart from that, this is very much a Golf, underpinned by the familiar MQB bits underneath.