Is Vikram double role in IRU Mugan?

Is Vikram double role in IRU Mugan?

Vikram plays a double role in Iru Mugan. As the Iru Mugan trailer revealed, he will play a RAW agent and a transgender. Film also stars Nithya Menon and Nayantara. ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram plays a muscled, righteous RAW agent Akhilan.

When did IRU Mugan release?

September 9, 2016 (USA)
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Who was love in international rowdy?

Vikram as Akhilan Vinod and Love Kennedy John Victor, popularly known as Vikram, plays a double role of Akhilan Vinod and Love in International Rowdy.

Is IRU Mugan hit or flop?

The film was made with a budget of ₹35 crore (US$4.6 million) and collected around ₹87.06 crore (US$12 million) and was declared a “super hit” at the box office. The film was commercial success at the box office.

Who is the villain in IRU Mugan?

Vikram played the dual role for the first time in his career in ‘Iru Mugan’ after 26 years from his debut. More interestingly he played both the hero and the villain in the film and displayed a complete difference between two roles. It took more than 3 hours daily for Vikram to get into his tough character in the film.

Who is the actress in international rowdy?

NayantharaMeera George Akhilan
Nithya MenenAayushiRiythvikaKidnapped GirlAllison Tolman
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International Rowdy is a 2017 Hindi dubbed science fiction film starring Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menen.

Who is the villain in movie International rowdy?

Vikram on playing ‘Love’, the arch-villain in Iru Mugan – The Hindu.

Who is Vikram wife?

Shailaja Balakrishnanm. 1992
Vikram met Shailaja Balakrishnan in the late 1980s and married her in 1992 at Guruvayoor Temple in a mass wedding alongside dozens of couples. The pair then had a low-key wedding ceremony conducted at the church at Loyola College, Chennai.

Why is nayanthara called Lady superstar?

She made clever career choices and went on to become the Queen Bee of South India. After Anushka, Nayanthara started to concentrate on women-centric films and spearheaded a change in the Tamil film industry. Today, she is hailed as the Lady Superstar of Kollywood.

What is nayanthara real name?

Diana Mariam Kurian
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Nayanthara was born into a Christian family and her real name was Diana Mariam Kurian. She chose Nayanthara as her screen name before making her acting debut with Sathyan Anthikad’s Malayalam film, Manassinakkare. In 2011, as per reports, she converted to Hinduism at the Aarya Samaj temple in Chennai.

Who is the director of IRU Mugan?

Anand Shankar
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Who is Ajith wife?

Shalinim. 2000
Ajith Kumar/Wife