Is using LOIC illegal?

Is using LOIC illegal?

Legality. While downloading and using the LOIC on one’s own personal servers as a means of stress-testing is perfectly legal, at least in the United States, using the program to perform a DDoS attack on other parties could be considered a felony under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

Do people still use LOIC?

It was originally developed by Praetox Technology as a network stress-testing application, but it has since become open-source and is now mostly used with malicious intent.

Is it safe to download LOIC?

There is some controversy over the potential danger to the user in using LOIC. Anti-virus products can detect it, leading some users to believe that the whole concept is a ploy by hackers to use the download to infect their computers. This is unlikely. It is LOIC that is detected, not a separate infection within it.

Which is better LOIC or HOIC?

HOIC is much stronger than LOIC but lacks certain features of its predecessor. It is designed as a standalone application and has limited coordination capabilities. It works in GUI mode only so it cannot be used as a zombie. It is said that 50 HOIC users are enough to perform a major DDoS attack.

Is LOIC legal in Australia?

It’s the Low Orbit Ion Cannon and yes, you can be arrested and sentenced to a prison term for using it to mount a distributed denial of service attack on a website.

Is LOIC a Trojan?

It’s not a virus, nor Trojan. Virus scans are positive because it contains utility to forge TCP/UDP packets in huge quantities (aka LOIC or MAIN FUNCTION OF THIS UTILITY?), which are also used in legit viruses creating Bot Nets.

What are two examples of information the LOIC tool could retrieve?

JS LOIC—a JavaScript version of the application—and the web-based Low Orbit Web Cannon have also been released. DDoS perpetrators use LOIC to flood target systems with junk TCP, UDP and HTTP GET requests. However, a single LOIC user is unable to generate enough requests to significantly impact a target.

Is High Orbit Ion Cannon Safe?

Although it is used in many malicious and illegal attacks, the HOIC is still legally available because it has applications as a legitimate testing tool for users who want to implement a “stress test” on their own networks.

Does LOIC hide your IP?

Additionally, its ease of use lets anyone, regardless of knowledge or experience, to execute potentially severe DDoS attacks. That being said, LOIC users are unable to route attack traffic through proxies. As a result their IP addresses are completely visible to a target, making them easy to trace.

Does LOIC have a virus?

LOIC isn’t a virus. If you are downloading LOIC when anti virus is on the anti virus will detect it as hacking software. Most people turn off antivirus when they are downloading LOIC.

Is Loic a DoS or DDoS?

Low Orbit Ion Cannon
Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is a widely available, open-source application developed by Praetox Technologies used for network stress testing, as well as denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

What are Loic threads?

A thread which sends a package and then other packages until the user decides to stop it. But the trick here is that you can define several (let’s say, 100) of threads.

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