Is the Yamaha P-115 discontinued?

Is the Yamaha P-115 discontinued?

Update June 2018 – The Yamaha P-115 has been discontinued and replaced by a new model, the P-125.

Is Yamaha P-115 better than p45?

The P-45 has a polyphony number of 64, while the P-115 rings in at 192. Yes, the P-115 is higher but depending on your skill level, it may not matter. Polyphony is basically the amount of notes you can play at once. The lower the polyphony, the faster the sounds begin to degrade.

What replaced Yamaha P-115?

Yet, the Japanese manufacturer has decided it’s time for a new upgrade, and in April 2018 Yamaha introduced the new P-125 digital piano, which replaced the P-115 and became the new midrange keyboard in the P (Portable) series. …

Does the Yamaha P-115 have Bluetooth?

The P115 does not have Bluetooth, wifi, or any other kind of built-in wireless support. But if you have a Bluetooth or FM audio transmitter, then you can make it work just like with any other audio jack.

When did the Yamaha p115 come out?

The Yamaha P-115 is a portable digital piano introduced in 2015. It replaces its best-selling predecessor, the P-105. The P-115 has 14 different voices which range from Grand Piano to Rock Organ, and comes pre-loaded with 64 preset songs.

How much does the Yamaha p115 weigh?


Dimensions Height 163mm (6-1/4”)
Depth 295mm (11-1/2”)
Weight Weight 11.8kg (26lbs.)

Is Yamaha P-125 good for beginners?

The Yamaha P125 is a solid mid range portable digital piano. It’s good-looking, small and lightweight. The sound is natural and rich in details. The key action, though not the best on the market, is adequate for any beginners.

How much does a Yamaha p115 weigh?

How much does a Yamaha P115 weigh?

How do I record my Yamaha P115?

If you want to record the sound, you will have to connect the AUX-OUT plugs (2 Jack 1/8″) of your P-115 to your LINE-IN plug (2 stereo Jack 1/8″) of the PC (its soundcard). With a desktop PC you may have a correct sound record, if not, you can buy an external card like the Behringer UCA202 or UCA222.

When did the Yamaha P115 come out?

What does Yamaha P125 stand for?

The Yamaha L125 wooden keyboard stand is designed to work specifically with the P12 5 portable piano keyboard. The L125 attaches directly to the P125 with metal screws but can be easily removed if you wish to take the keyboard out on the road or just into a different area of your home.

What makes the Yamaha P115 B so special?

The Yamaha P115 B also features GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) technology, which means that players will also have the luxury of experiencing a true-to-piano touch. Some digital keyboards have an inauthentic and flimsy feel to the keys that make it harder to choose or play well with in a professional setting.

What is the difference between the Yamaha P45 and P105?

The P105 was released in 2012 and is an improved version of their entry-level Yamaha P45. (Yamaha also makes a P71, which is suspiciously similar to their P45. We look at both in our Yamaha P71 vs P45 comparison.) The P105 boasts the following features:

What is the weight and size of a P115?

Weight & Size P115 P125 Width 52-3/16″ 52-3/16″ Depth 11-5/8″ 11-5/8″ Height 6-7/16″ 6-9/16″ Weight 26 lbs 3 oz 26 lbs

How do I use the drum rhythms on The P-115?

The P-115 has on-board drum rhythms for practice or performance. There’s a variety of rhythm patterns to choose, from basic rock to shuffle and swing beats. Use the rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.