Is the swan scene in the notebook real?

Is the swan scene in the notebook real?

The crew raised the swans from the boat scene on location so the birds would feel more familiar with the area. At one point in the film, Noah and Allie row through a lake completely filled with swans. But the scene was almost birdless because people were concerned that untrained animals would create chaos on set.

Where was the notebook river scene filmed?

Located across the river in Mount Pleasant, Boone Hall Plantation has been captured on film a number of times over the years.

Where is the pond in the notebook?

The excessively famous romantic, lake scene was filmed at the Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner. If you go take a tour you can see the exact location where the movie was filmed (row boat and all 😉).

Where was the notebook opening scene filmed?

The College of Charleston was used as the backdrop for the Allie’s (Rachel McAdams) college. Boone Hall Plantation was used for scenes of the Hamilton’s summer house. The house that Noah would rebuild in the movie is located at Martins Point Plantation, historically knows as Bears Bluff Plantation, on Wadmalaw Island.

How old is Rachel McAdams?

43 years (November 17, 1978)
Rachel McAdams/Age

Did Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling date?

Shortly after filming The Notebook, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams entered a romantic relationship. Just like their characters Allie and Noah, Gosling and McAdams’ courtship was filled with passion. Yet sadly, the couple broke things off after only two years of dating.

How did they get all the ducks in the notebook?

They came up with a creative solution. “We went down and bought a trailer like the back of one of those semis, talked to some of the animal people down there and bought a bunch of hatchlings and just raised them as chicks and marched them out to the lake every day and fed them out there,” Cassavetes said.

Can you visit the house from the notebook?

Allie’s summer home was filmed at Boone Hall Plantation. You can take a tour of the inside of the mansion as well as the entire Boone Hall Plantation grounds. There is a lot of historical significance here, so much sure you set aside enough time to look around.

How old was Rachel McAdams when filming The Notebook?

Rachel McAdams was 26 during filming. Rachel McAdams was 10 years older than her “Mean Girls” character. In the same year, she played 17-year-old Allie Hamilton in “The Notebook.” Mark Waters, director of “Mean Girls,” originally thought McAdams was too old to play Regina, according to E! News.

How did they get all the ducks in The Notebook?

Can you visit the house from The Notebook?

How did Rachel McAdams get famous?

McAdams earned her first significant accolade for a supporting role in 2002’s Perfect Pie; for her role in the low-budget film, she was nominated for a Genie Award (Canada’s Oscar).

Where was the movie The Notebook filmed?

15 years after its release date, The Notebook continues to be one of the most popular Romantic Drama’s of this century. The film originated as an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 hit novel, The Notebook, and although the story is set in Seabrook, South Carolina, most of the filming happened right here in Charleston!

How did they make the house look so old in the notebook?

They used visual effects to make the house look old during the first half of the movie. The Old Village in Mount Pleasant was used for various outdoor scenes that doubled as the town of Seabrook Island where the Notebook takes place.

What happened to Boone Hall Plantation?

Located across the river in Mount Pleasant, Boone Hall Plantation has been captured on film a number of times over the years. Built in 1681, the plantation is still in operation, growing crops onsite. Many original buildings are now lost and the main plantation house was built in 1936. There are also slave cabins and the famous Avenue of the Oaks.