Is the Mercedes SLK 250 reliable?

Is the Mercedes SLK 250 reliable?

It’s been a few years since the SLK featured in our annual What Car? reliability survey, but in the last one in which it did it scored a 74% rating, finishing in the second half of the table in the convertible class.

Is SLK a good car?

It’s a great car to drive and has excellent features such as cruise control which I use a great deal even at 30 mph to keep within the speed limit. It goes very well with ample power and comfortable.

When did Mercedes stop making SLK?

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class
Production 1996–2020
Body and chassis
Class Sports car (S) Compact grand tourer
Body style 2-door roadster

Is Mercedes SLK a woman’s car?

SLK is considered a girl’s car in anything less than the AMG version. A man’s car is the SL – but the SL is fat and a bit dimwitted – although that is not what makes it a man’s car!!

Is an SLK a woman’s car?

Ever since it minced into the marketplace 16 years ago, Mercedes’ little SLK has been the world’s only transgender car.

Are Mercedes Benz good and reliable cars?

The answer to the preceding question is a big YES! Mercedes-Benz as a brand is reliable both for on and off-road cars. The majority of vehicles manufactured by Mercedes go over 200,000 miles. And that’s quite the fact to prove the reliability of MB or Mercedes-Benz.

Is Mercedes Benz still reliable?

The Mercedes W211-W213 E-Class. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has arguably had reliability built-in from the beginning.

  • Older used Mercedes alternative: W203 C55 AMG. If you’re OK going for a slightly older Mercedes,another reliable model is the 2005-2006 W203 C55 AMG.
  • Issues to look out for.
  • Pricing.
  • What makes Mercedes Benz unique?

    24 Interesting Mercedes-Benz Facts The Marriage Secret. The first petrol powered Mercedes vehicle was made by Karl Benz, the Mercedes-Benz co-founder. Bicycle Plans. Back in 2005, the automaker released 3 models of bicycles: the Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike, The Fitness Bike, and the Trailblazer Bike. The Pope Uses Benz Too. Ranking. Famous People With Mercedes Benz. Symbol. Motto.

    What’s the difference between Mercedes Benz and BMW?

    Quality. When measuring the quality of materials used in the interior design,you will find some similarities between the car manufacturers.

  • Insurance. Insurance premiums for luxury brands tend to be higher than for most cars.
  • Driving experience.
  • Price.
  • Vehicle variety.
  • Technology.
  • Safety features.
  • Performance.