Is the flowers of war based on true story?

Is the flowers of war based on true story?

Despite her extensive research, Ms Yan says she does not want her fictional account to be seen as a historical record. “The story is just fiction, a literary novel, and I hope it remains that way.”

Who stars as a priest in The Flowers of War?

“The Flowers of War” stars Bale as John Magee, an American priest in 1937 Naking, which is under the imminent threat of a Japanese invasion. They showed 20 minutes of this to buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it has been submitted as China entry into the Foreign film race for this year’s Oscars.

Is The Flowers of War in English?

The Flowers of War/Languages

Why is The Flowers of War Rated R?

“The Flowers of War” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). War violence and sexual assault.

How does Flowers of War end?

In the last scene, the truck is seen driving on a deserted highway heading west, away from the Japanese army. The fate of the 13 Flowers remains unknown, apparently martyring themselves for the schoolgirls’ freedom.

What language is the flowers of war?

Is Flowers of War a global film?

In a globalized age, Chinese and American pop culture mix in unexpected ways.

Is The Flowers of War a good movie?

Twitch Film called it “arguably the most eagerly-anticipated Chinese movie of the year”, saying that “The Flowers of War is a big movie in every sense of the word, from its kinetic battle scenes to the beautiful photography and impressive performances from a mostly young and inexperienced cast.” Pete Hammond from …

What is the movie Flowers of war about?

The film centers on the fall of Nanking, when the Japanese invasion of China lead to a bloody slaughter of many civilians, and a complete devastation of the city. In Flowers of War, a group of prostitutes and school girls find themselves under the protection of a wayward Westerner, played by Christian Bale.

Is ‘flowers’ based on a true story?

In “Flowers,” though, you can feel him at war with his material, never settling on a tone or a compelling or even coherent narrative. (The screenplay is by Liu Heng and Geling Yan, based on a novel by Ms. Yan.)

Does ‘the flowers of war’ justify the Nanjing Massacre?

That’s about the only way to justify “The Flowers of War,” in which the veteran Chinese director Zhang Yimou revisits the Nanjing massacre of 1937 by making something resembling a backstage musical, with breaks for the occasional ghastly murder or rape.

Is ‘flowers of war’ China’s best foreign language film?

The Chinese epic The Flowers of War failed to gain a highly-coveted Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category. But as Bethan Jinkinson reports, the historical drama has resonated with Chinese audiences. The film, directed by Zhang Yimou and starring English actor Christian Bale, opened in China on 16 December.