Is Sonic the Hedgehog stronger than Saitama?

Is Sonic the Hedgehog stronger than Saitama?

Saitama is stronger than Sonic.

Can Sonic defeat Saitama?

Sonic has been unable to best Saitama in a fight, but if he wanted an easy victory, he could beat Saitama in a popularity contest. This is one way Sonic could, in a sense, defeat Saitama. To some extent, Sonic is just as fast and strong as Flashy Flash, and even faster than Genos.

Is Sonic OPM a girl?

Appearance. Sonic is a slim young man.

Could Sonic have beaten the deep sea king?

It was confirmed by the creator of One Punch Man, ONE, that Speed-O-Sound Sonic would have killed dehydrated Deep Sea King if he had his weapons.

What happens to speed o Sonic?

In short, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic made mistake and cooked the monster cell, ruining it, and its unlikely that even if he told the monsters he planned to do that that they would have been able to explain that he was ruining the cell. When Speed O’ Sound Sonic cooked the cells, he killed them, rendering them useless.

Who is stronger Genos or Sonic?

Current Speed-O-Sound Sonic is at least on par with Genos, with his G4 upgrades, who is way more powerful than Genos from back then. It’s likely that he’s even stronger since he’s trained and lost weight recently.

Is speed o Sonic a monster?

Rosie eats one of the cells and becomes a monster, but is quickly killed by Choze, who becomes a monster as well. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is given a monster cell by Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame in a bid to get him to join the Monster Association.

Is Sonic a Class S?

Sonic’s fighting ability is that of an S-Class individual and he’s basically on par with Flashy Flash, one of the few S-Class heroes capable of defeating multiple Dragon-level monsters singlehandedly, and is one of the first-rate S-Class heroes in the association.

What is Saitama vs Sonic (F City)?

Saitama vs Sonic (F-City) was the first battle between the amateur hero Saitama and the ninja assassin Speed-o’-Sound Sonic.

What is the problem with Sonic?

The real problem is that all these people keep spreading bul#$#it. Sonic spites the verse. He will literally toy with Saitama. Archie Sonic is overkill even in base he has 4th dimensions wall break, Multiversal lvl at base. Game Sonic would also wreck in base form.

What is Genos vs Speed-o-sound sonic?

Genos vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic was the battle between the S-Class hero Genos and ninja assassin Speed-o’-Sound Sonic .

Is Sonic the most gag/satire character in anime?

First, this is a Death Battle, that means that “Gag” or “Satire” do not apply. Death Battles are done by actual feats of the characters. If you gonna try to use that as an argument, then Sonic in all the listed forms ( except anime ) is the most saite and gag character there can be.