Is pool boy a good job?

Is pool boy a good job?

Good job for students or retirees Working as a pool guy can be especially nice if you are currently a student or retiree. Those groups of people are often quite flexible regarding their working hours and also often urgently need money to finance their lives.

What are pool workers called?

Swimming pool servicers clean and check the water in swimming pools. They maintain certain standards of water quality by adding chemicals such as chlorine, iodine, and hydrochloric acid to the water. Pool servicers must be alert for pool equipment problems, such as clogged pipes and rusted equipment.

What does pool staff mean?

pool employee means a full or part time Employee not allocated to a ward or unit who is engaged in relieving or replacement work.

Is pool construction hard?

It was pretty difficult being that building underground pools isn’t the easiest job, but they always treat you like your apart of the family no matter what. A lot of the employees there are family, but once you get in and put in work and dedication they quickly appreciate your hard work and give you the upmost respect.

What are the duties of a pool boy?

A pool boy or pool attendant performs the same duties at a swimming pool. Duties may include: working with towels, swimsuits, robes, blankets, bathing caps, soap, umbrellas, beach chairs, launder, and may serve refreshments.

What do pool attendants do?

Pool Attendant: One of the main duties of a pool attendant is to maintain the pool and the pool area. Throughout their shift they will clean and maintain the pool deck, pool bathrooms, and skim the pool.

What does a Poolman do?

That includes skimming, cleaning, applying chemicals, and routine maintenance of pool pumps and other equipment. It also includes opening and closing your pool (generally for an additional charge). Hiring someone to do those humdrum pool maintenance tasks frees you up to spend more time enjoying your pool.

What is a pool at work?

A labor pool is a network of independent workers familiar with your operation that can work on an as-needed basis. It is a flexible extension of your trained workforce that you build over time by rotating a mix of new and familiar workers into your operations for short periods of time.

What does it mean to be in a job pool?

A job pool is a list of qualified candidates who have successfully completed various levels of screening. The hiring department and the particular type of job competition determines at which stage a job pool is created.

Is pool building profitable?

If you’re astute, it’s easy to do.” For builders whose overhead is already established, a pool division is a way to add profits. Wells says that whereas pool builders aim for a 5 percent to 7 percent net profit and a 22 percent to 28 percent gross profit, home builders can push gross profits to 40 percent.

How much does a pool company make on a pool?

How much profit can a pool installation business make? Every year, a decent-sized pool installation business can net around $200,000 in revenue.

Are swimming pool characteristics associated with respiratory symptoms in employees?

The association between swimming pool characteristics and activities of employees and respiratory symptoms in employees was studied. Trichloramine levels were measured to evaluate relationships with pool characteristics and to estimate long-term exposure levels. Questionnaires were available from 624 pool workers and 38 swimming facilities.

Do swimming pool employees with asthma have increased risk for allergies?

An excess risk for respiratory symptoms indicative of asthma was observed in swimming pool employees. Aggravation of existing respiratory disease or interactions between irritants and allergen exposures are the most likely explanations for the observed associations. Swimming is considered to be a healthy activity.

Is chloramine exposure associated with respiratory symptoms in pool workers?

Respiratory symptom prevalence among pool workers was compared with symptoms in a Dutch population sample. Chloramine levels were modelled with regression analysis. This model was used to estimate long-term average chloramine levels for each pool studied. Employees with higher exposure reported upper respiratory symptoms with greater frequency.

What are the health risks of chlorination in swimming pools?

Chlorination may cause respiratory health effects in swimming pool workers and in pool visitors, particularly children and the general public, but also in competitive swimmers. Little is known about the health hazards of exposure to trichloramines at indoor swimming pools.