Is Plantation Rum a dark rum?

Is Plantation Rum a dark rum?

Rich, Robust Rum Plantation Original Dark Rum is arich, fragrant full-bodied liquor suitable for everything from sipping in a snifter to providing a delicious Rum & Cola.

Is Plantation original dark rum spiced?

The rich and intense style of Jamaica and Barbados, with their notes of plum, banana and vanilla, is enhanced by meticulous blending and further maturation, in France. The result is a profound structure spiced with notes of cinnamon and clove, whose smoky quality adds texture. An ideal companion for cocktails.

Where is Plantation Original Dark rum made?

A blend of rums from West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados and Long Pond and Clarendon Distilleries in Jamaica.

How good is Plantation rum?

Excellent Rum taste with a whiskey like character. Not overly sweet but lots of flavor elements like vanilla and age oak. No burn going down but a pleasant exotic Cognac finish. I enjoy it alone either neat or with a little ice but it also mixes well.

Is Plantation Barbados Rum light or dark?

Mixed Plantation Barbados Rum Aged 5 Years works quite well with most mixers and in plenty cocktails. It’s light and approachable and is probably of far more use to a mixologist than for me. I used it mainly as a sipper or mixed with cola.

Why is it called a plantation?

The settlements required a large number of laborers to sustain them, and thus laborers were imported from Africa. African slaves began arriving in Virginia in 1619. The term “plantation” arose as the southern settlements, originally linked with colonial expansion, came to revolve around the production of agriculture.

What kind of rum is Plantation rum?

Plantation O.F.T.D. In terms of origin, this is a blend of column and pot still Barbados rum, pot still Jamaican rum and demerara rum from Guyana’s famed Port Mourant stills. On the nose, this one initially evokes nothing so much as browned butter sugar cookies.

Does plantation mean slavery?

The plantation system developed in the American South as the British colonists arrived in Virginia and divided the land into large areas suitable for farming. Because the economy of the South depended on the cultivation of crops, the need for agricultural labor led to the establishment of slavery.

Do plantations still exist?

A Modern Day Slave Plantation Exists, and It’s Thriving in the Heart of America. It was 1972. Change was brewing across America, but one place stood still, frozen in time: Louisiana State Penitentiary, commonly known as Angola.

Does Plantation Rum have sugar?

Allegedly, specific bottlings of rum by brands including Plantation, Bacardi, Zacapa, and Angostura contain between 17-22 grams of sugar per liter. This looks to be the average amount of sugar added by those brands that add sugar. Other brands are either much higher (40 g/l) or quite low (5-9 g/l).

What drinks are made with dark rum?

When looking for a good drink to mix with Bacardi , the variety of Bacardi such as dark rum, gold rum and spiced rum makes a difference in what type of drink works best. For instance, a blue Bohemian mixes Bacardi white rum with Becherovka herbal liqueur, Blue Curacao liqueur, orange juice and tonic water.

What is a plantation rum?

Plantation rum is a French-owned rum producer who bottle rums from all over the Caribbean. Some of these rums are transported to France for cask finishing, including Cognac cask finishing.

What is Bacardi dark rum?

Bacardi dark rum is a rich blend of selected rums, smoothly filtered through charcoal for extra taste and aged in charred oak barrels for up to four years.