Is Peugeot 208 good on fuel?

Is Peugeot 208 good on fuel?

As a result the fuel economy figures claimed by the French manufacturer are very positive – the best performer being the 1.5-litre diesel with between 60.8-71.4mpg and 84-92g/km of CO2. Even the petrols are good in this respect….Fuel economy.

Petrol engines 44.3 – 56.7 mpg
Diesel engines 60.8 – 73.6 mpg

Is the new 208 any good?

While the 208 certainly looks stunning and rides well enough, it offers a compromised package due to its mediocre passenger and luggage space and expensive optional kit. You’ll certainly pay for those good looks, as the 208 has a high list price when compared to its competitors.

How reliable are Peugeot engines?

It has a reliability index of 85, with the main problem being the engine which accounts for 23.08% of all issues.

What’s the difference between Peugeot 208 and 2008?

Think of the 2008 as a larger and more purposeful version of the 208. It is taller and longer and wider and more accommodating. Each model has a commanding face, marked at the edges by LED daytime lights on the more expensive versions.

Is Peugeot 208 expensive to maintain?

The 208 isn’t too pricey to service, even at a main dealer, and once it hits three years old it’ll qualify for Peugeot’s fixed price servicing, which starts at £115 for the most basic service. And if your 208 does go wrong, parts aren’t too expensive, so it should be reasonably cheap to repair.

How many miles can a Peugeot 208 do on a full tank?

682 miles

Power 80 bhp
Torque 118 Nm, 87 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 104 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard 6
Miles Per Tank 682 miles

Is Peugeot a reliable car?

According to the research, Peugeot came out on top as the most reliable car brand available. The study found that Peugeot owners only found seventy problems in every one hundred cars. Throughout the study, it was found that the industry average stood at 119 faults per 100 cars.