Is ORS good for relaxed hair?

Is ORS good for relaxed hair?

ORS Replenishing Conditioner is my “go-to” treatment on relaxer day. Why? Because it has the best moisture/protein balance that my hair craves right after a relaxer. Not to mention, the conditioner also helps to restore the moisture levels back into the hair.

What type of relaxer is ORS?

The ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye Hair Relaxer system infuses hair with moisturizing olive oil and natural herbs to help to protect the hair from damage during processing. The result is smoother, softer, stronger hair with impeccable Add Shine.

How do you use a relaxer ORS?

Pour entire contents of ORS™ activator (B) into ORS™ base (A) and mix thoroughly. Important: do not apply to hair until completely smooth and without lumps. Mix for approximately one minute. Failure to mix thoroughly may cause scalp irritation, hair damage, and/or hair loss.

How do you use ORS hair mayonnaise?

Apply a small amount to wet hair. Comb through for even distribution. Cover hair with plastic cap and let process under a warm dryer for 15 minutes. Rinse and towel dry.

What is better lye or no-lye relaxer?

Lye relaxers have a higher potential for scalp damage if left on for long, and thus it is best to seek a professional’s help for the process. However, no-lye relaxers are gentler and more suitable for those with sensitive hair and scalp.

How much is a relaxer at Walmart?

Walmart Hair Salon Prices and Services

East Average
Perm $44.95 $44.95
Relaxer $49.95 $49.95
Basic Style $14.95 $14.95
Specialty Style $26.95 $26.95

What is better lye or no lye relaxer?

What are the side effects of hair relaxers?

Adverse effects reported by the sample after undergoing the procedure were found to be a high 95.56%, out of which the following are the common adverse effects reported; frizzy hair in 67%, dandruff in 61%, hair loss in 47%, thinning and weakening of hair in 40%, greying of hair 22%, and split ends in only 17%.

What is the difference between lye and no lye relaxers?

The difference is in the type of chemicals used. In lye relaxers, the active ingredient is sodium hydroxide. In no-lye relaxers, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide. No-lye relaxer is usually a little milder and good for sensitive scalps, but the calcium can cause hair to be slightly drier.

What is an alternative to relaxer?

Molasses. Diva Smooth is a natural alternative to traditional chemical relaxers. The finely tuned mixture of natural ingredients when applied together with a flat iron create smooth, shiny hair without breakage or hair loss.