Is OnTrac delivered by USPS?

Is OnTrac delivered by USPS?

Regional parcel carrier OnTrac, in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service, announced a new service called DirectPost which will enable it to provide next-day and two-day ecommerce shipping at postal rates, by consolidating shipments and injecting them deep into the postal stream for final mile delivery.

Who does OnTrac ship through?

DirectPost is now part of OnTrac Ground! With OnTrac Ground, you can reach destinations 1-2 days faster than the national companies and save on surcharges and fees.

How do I contact OnTrac delivery?

1 (800) 334-5000
OnTrac/Customer service

Does OnTrac use UPS or USPS?

For the past five years, OnTrac has partnered with USPS on a last-mile offering. However, OnTrac has only made the service available to parcel consolidators, firms that aggregate shipments from retailers and have used the carrier’s intraregional distribution network to bring packages to USPS.

How fast does OnTrac deliver?

OnTrac Ground is the faster, more affordable alternative for regional parcel delivery in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho! Shipments that may take two days to deliver with National Carriers arrive next-day with OnTrac Ground.

Is OnTrac with FedEx?

Package Tracking Do not track UPS, FedEx or DHL shipments. Shipments should not be tracked prior to being tendered to OnTrac.

Where does OnTrac ship to?

OnTrac services every ZIP Code in California, and the metro areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Delivery times and transit days vary based on the delivery ZIP Code.

How does OnTrac shipping work?

We will deliver packages up to a value of $10,000 and collect payment for the shipper. The following conditions apply: delivery must be re-attempted, the basic overnight delivery rate will be billed to the shipper for each attempt. OnTrac will not accept liability for the failure to collect or remit funds for C.O.D.

How fast is OnTrac shipping?

What time does OnTrac usually deliver?

Our mid-day service. Most Sunrise service shipments arrive before noon on Weekdays and 2 pm on Saturday. Shipments to outlying areas arrive later in the day. See our ZIP Code Guide, QuickRates or ZIPTools for more details.