Is Jeff Sluman married?

Is Jeff Sluman married?

Linda Sluman
Jeff Sluman/Spouse

How tall is Jeff Sluman?

5′ 7″
Jeff Sluman/Height

Is Jeff Sluman still playing golf?

Sluman, 62, won the 1988 PGA Championship and currently golfs on the PGA Champions Tour.

Did Jeff Sluman win a major?

Jeffrey George Sluman (born September 11, 1957) is an American professional golfer who has won numerous professional golf tournaments including six PGA Tour victories….

Jeff Sluman
Best results in major championships (wins: 1)
Masters Tournament T4: 1992
PGA Championship Won: 1988
U.S. Open 2nd: 1992

How old is Jeff Sluman?

64 years (September 11, 1957)
Jeff Sluman/Age

Has Colin Montgomerie captained the Ryder Cup?

Colin Montgomerie was appointed captain of the European team for the 2010 Ryder Cup on this day in 2009.

Who is Colin Montgomerie partner?

Gaynor Knowlesm. 2008–2017
Eimear Wilsonm. 1990–2006
Colin Montgomerie/Spouse
In 2007, Montgomerie announced his engagement to Scottish millionairess Gaynor Knowles. The couple wed on 19 April 2008 at Loch Lomond Golf Club.

Is Colin Montgomerie a Leeds fan?

Colin Montgomerie on Twitter: “@Yorkshire77 @Jamesrpenny @LUFC I’m a Leeds fan. Always have been and always will be” / Twitter.

How many wives has Colin Montgomerie?

Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie OBE
Sporting nationality Scotland
Residence Dunning, Perthshire, Scotland Naples, Florida
Spouse Eimear Wilson (1990–2006, divorced); 3 children Gaynor Knowles (2008–2017)
Children Olivia, Venetia, Cameron

How old is Colin Montgomerie?

58 years (June 23, 1963)
Colin Montgomerie/Age

What football team does Colin Montgomerie support?

Rangers F.C.
Montgomerie supports Rangers F.C. and since 1970 Leeds United when he was living in the area.

Is Colin Montgomerie still playing golf?

Colin now enjoys an established playing career on the Legends Tour and Champions Tour, having already claimed seven over-50s titles, including three Major Championships – two Senior PGA Championships and one U.S. Senior Open victory.