Is it true that Ash Ketchum in a coma?

Is it true that Ash Ketchum in a coma?

According to this Creepypasta-inspired theory, during the first episodes of the Pokemon anime, Ash is accidentally electrocuted by one of Pikachu’s attacks, and he then slipped into a coma. Ash’s partner, Pikachu, was also supposed to represent Ash’s humanity whenever he would get lost from him in an episode.

Who is Ash wife?

Ash begins to develop his own personal feelings for Serena, even giving her a special gift in episode 59 of Pokémon XY, when they are both beside the pledging tree. The gift he gives her is a special blue ribbon that she then wears as part of her outfit for the rest of XY&Z starting in Episode 60.

Is Oak Ash’s dad?

It is highly likely that Professor Oak is not actually Ash’s dad. The translation compares Professor Oak to Ash’s family, because Professor Oak has served as a mentor figure to Ash. In some respects, he’s a father figure.

Is Ash Ketchum a girl?

In Japanese, the character is voiced by Rika Matsumoto, and Hana Takeda. In the English dub, he was voiced by Veronica Taylor in the first eight seasons and has been voiced by Sarah Natochenny since season 9….

Ash Ketchum
Gender Male

Why is acerola’s Mimikyu a ghost?

When it caught up to Gengar, it attacked Gengar with Shadow Claw in vain. After Team Rocket had defeated the Greedy Rapooh, it awarded a Mimikium Z to Jessie. When Jessie asked Acerola, why Mimikins was floating, she said that this Pokémon is already a ghost of a deceased Mimikyu.

How old is Ash in XYZ?

Officially 10 years old but design-wise, XY Ash is anything but 10. This is why it has been confusing for some viewers when they see Ash in the XY series.

Who does Misty marry?

Misty Talks About Marrying Ash One Day In Episode 41 “The Heartbreak of Brock,” a girl falls in love with him for once and quickly insists the two should get married. As Ash and Misty watch the two make wedding plans from afar, Ash notes how strange it is to see Brock getting married.

Who is Misty’s husband in Pokémon?

Misty moved from Cerulean city to Pallet when she found out from her parents that she’d had a an arranged marriage to a boy named Ash Ketchum.

Who is Gary’s father Pokemon?

Blue Oak is Gary’s father and one of Red’s rival. He is the son of Professor Oak.

Who is Gary’s mom Pokemon?

Daisy Oak

Daisy Oak オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Okido
Daisy as she appears in Pokémon Adventures
Relatives Blue (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather), Samson Oak (cousin-twice-removed) (games) Blue (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather) (Adventures) Gary (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather) (TEToP)

How many Ashes does 2021 have?

As of June 2021, Ash Ketchum owns a total of 77 Pokémon, including all 30 of his Tauros, meaning he has caught 46 different species.

Does Ash like Serena or Misty?

However, he did not rule out that Misty could be in love with Ash, because, as he himself explained, even at the beginning of the story she was “the age when girls fall in love“. One of the storyboarder of the animated series revealed that Misty and Ash really like each other, but they didn’t realize that.

What are some of the fan theories about Pokémon?

This led to countless fan theories that ranged from the unintentionally hilarious to the downright morbid. Luckily, the people behind Pokémon cleared the air about some age-old conundrums and mysteries, while leaving a few more up in the air. Pokémon and humans have a tight relationship, though some think this goes beyond mere friendship.

How did ash get thrown into a coma?

With the Spearow baring down on them, Pikachu creates a massive pillar of lighting that sends the Pokémon and Ash flying. After that, it’s all a dream. Different versions of the theory say Ash was thrown into a coma when the bike crashed or when Pikachu used the powerful lighting attack.

What happened in the first episode of Pokémon Go?

According to the theory, the first episode plays out as normal: Ash Ketchum is a clumsy kid who misses Professor Oaks’s starter Pokémon-choosing ceremony and winds up with a Pikachu instead.

What is the story behind Pokémon?

The coolest Pokémon fan theories on the planet. Pokémon is a long-running video game franchise and anime that’s become a source of nostalgia and comfort for millions of people across the world. The Pokémon property was created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri and was heavily inspired by his childhood adventures and imagination.