Is Hoot Loop a magician Skylanders?

Is Hoot Loop a magician Skylanders?

Hoot Loop is an owl magician who is one of the SWAP Force Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is of the Magic element. His Swap Force Ability is Teleport. Hoot Loop is a natural showman, and is less likely to be modest.

Who is the Amazing Hoot Loop?

Hoot Loop was raised by a guild of magicians in Skylands ’ most famous traveling circus. At a young age, he perfected illusions and spells that only the very best of their guild could perform, and even mastered the art of teleportation! Soon enough, he became the star of the show, known far and wide as the Amazing Hoot Loop.

How do you use the portal loop in Skylanders?

Hold Attack 2 to aim the portal loop, release it under Loop’s body to cause a massive attack that damages enemies in a larger area. Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level. Ring Spell (Primary Attack): Press (Y) to perform a projectile attack.