Is HobbyTown going out of business?

Is HobbyTown going out of business?

After more than three decades catering to the puzzle master, the RC enthusiast and model maker, HobbyTown USA in Midtown Fort Collins will shutter its doors Jan. 31. The local franchise, started by Bob Wilke and currently owned by Gary Kolm, is closing amid a changing retail climate and business model.

Does Horizon Hobby own Hobby Town?

Horizon Hobby They moved to a new location in 2002, and it is still America’s largest HobbyTown USA franchise with almost 30,000 square feet of space. And yes, this once was a movie theater! Bill & Pat have retired and their son Michael and his wife Karin now own the store.

How many HobbyTown USA stores are there?

HobbyTown/Number of locations

Who owns HobbyTown?

Thom Walla Walla, co-founder of HobbyTown and CEO of HobbyTown Unlimited, Inc. located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What happened to Hobby Shack?

After 27 years as Hobby Shack, the Fountain Valley-based retailer of hobby products is changing its name to Hobby People. The company said its growth is being fueled partly by products it has been adding in recent years to appeal to youngsters.

Does Horizon Hobby own Redcat Racing?

We are excited to announce that Redcat Racing Products are now available from Horizon Hobby!

Who is the CEO of Horizon Hobby?

Joe Ambrose
Named CEO in 2008, Joe Ambrose championed Horizon Hobby with a clear vision for the company. Throughout 2018, he led the efforts to purchase industry stalwart Hobbico.

What happened to hobby Shack?

Is HobbyTown owned by AMain?

From AMain Performance Hobbies Hobbytown Unlimited, Inc., the franchisor of the largest chain of independently owned and operated retail hobby stores in the US is partnering with AMain Performance Hobbies to manage and execute online merchandising, sales and ecommerce fulfillment.

How many hobby stores are in the US?

The US toy and hobby store industry includes about 8,500 stores with combined annual revenue of about $17 billion.

Is Hobby people still in business?

Several of the company’s retail stores had closed over the past couple of months. A call to the company’s headquarters was answered by a man who said he wasn’t at liberty to speak on the record but did confirm the company was ceasing operation after 45 years in business.

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