Is Fraser Institute school ranking reliable?

Is Fraser Institute school ranking reliable?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of parents and educators in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec turn to the Fraser Institute’s school performance report cards. Because they provide accurate, objective, understandable information about the performance of individual schools that is not easily available anywhere else.

What is the number 1 school in Ontario?

Ontario High School Rankings (Fraser Institute Report Card)

Rank School (2018) School (2020)
1 St Michael’s Choir Wali ul Asr
2 Abbey Park St Michael’s Choir
3 St Robert Markville
4 Colonel By Canadian Intl. School of Hong Kong

How does the Fraser Institute rank schools?

The Fraser Institute ranks schools using objective, publicly-available data such as average scores on province-wide tests. Rankings are done for Alberta Elementary and High Schools, British Columbia Elementary and Secondary Schools, Ontario Elementary and Secondary Schools, and Quebec Secondary Schools.

How do I find out my school rating?

A: Go to, and in the box type in the name of your school, district or county office of education. For a breakdown of the same data, you can go to the “5×5” data charts at

Is the Fraser Institute peer reviewed?

Because the Fraser Institute does not peer review all its publications, like most so-called “non-partisan” think tanks including the CD Howe Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, it makes sure to advertise the fact that its articles that are published in academic journals have been peer-reviewed.

What province has the best education system in Canada?

Education and Skills

  • British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta are the top performers among all the provinces, earning “B” grades on the Education and Skills report card.
  • Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador all earn “D’s” overall, while P.E.I.

What are the top 5 universities in Ontario?

University of Toronto. Toronto. #1 in Ontario.

  • University of Waterloo. Waterloo. #2 in Ontario.
  • McMaster University. Hamilton. #3 in Ontario.
  • Western University. London. #4 in Ontario.
  • University of Ottawa. Ottawa. #5 in Ontario.
  • York University. Toronto. #6 in Ontario.
  • Queen’s University. Kingston.
  • Carleton University. Ottawa.
  • What is the best private school in Canada?

    Top 25 Private Schools in Canada

    • Appleby College – Oakville, ON Video
    • The Bishop Strachan School – Toronto, ON Video
    • Branksome Hall – Toronto, ON Video
    • Brentwood College School – Mill Bay, BC Video
    • Crescent School – Toronto, ON Video
    • Crestwood Preparatory College – Toronto, ON.
    • Crofton House School – Vancouver, BC.

    What is the best school in Ontario?


    School Location
    1 University of Toronto Schools Toronto, ON
    2 York School Toronto, ON
    3 Crescent School Toronto, ON
    4 Branksome Hall Toronto, ON

    How do I find a good school for my child?

    Think about your child’s personality, needs, interests and strengths. What does your child need – academic brilliance, sports, social development or emotional well-being? Talk with your child and come up with a list of five things you each want in a school.

    What is the best school ranking site?

    School Ratings & Reviews for Public & Private Schools: GreatSchools.

    Is the Fraser Institute a think tank?

    Headquartered in Vancouver and named for the Fraser River, the Fraser Institute is Canada’s only national think-tank, with offices also in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

    What is the Fraser Institute’s school rankings website?

    For more than 20 years, the Fraser Institute’s school rankings website has been the go-to source for parents and educators to measure school performance.The newly updated website allows parents to easily find their child’s school and provides a detailed report on how each school is doing in academics compared to other ranked schools.

    What are the best schools in Ontario?

    The best ranked Ontario high school in 2019 was Havergal in Toronto, and the best ranked high school in 2020 was Wali ul Asr in Caledon. The best ranked elementary school in Ontario in 2019 was Al-Risala in Mississauga, and for 2018 it was Ahlul Bayt Islamic in Ottawa. Ontario Elementary School Rankings (Fraser Institute Report Card)

    What are the top 5 schools in Mississauga?

    Rank School (2018) City (2018) School (2019) City (2019) 1 St Michael’s Choir Toronto Al-Risala Mississauga 2 Abbey Park Oakville Avondale Alternative Toronto 3 St Robert Thornhill Havergal Toronto 4 Colonel By Gloucester IQRA Islamic Mississauga