Is Fizz a good tank?

Is Fizz a good tank?

As he’s primarily a midlane mage/assassin, Fizz doesn’t have much base Health either, so you have to wait until you get Health items before becoming tanky. As is the case with most other melee toplaners, Fizz is weak to ranged poke.

How much damage does Fizz do on hit?

Fizz dashes a fixed distance in the direction of his target, dealing his total Attack Damage as physical damage plus additional 10/25/40/55/70 (+55% of Ability Power) magic damage to it. The ability will also apply on-hit effects. Urchin Strike is a vital ability to bruiser fizz.

What level should I take Fizz in CHUM the waters?

A point in Chum the Waters should be taken at levels 6, 11, and 16. Fizz ‘s dexterity allows him to ignore unit collision and take 3 (+1% of Ability Power) less damage from all sources of damage, up to a maximum of 50% reduction. Fizz ‘s passive compliments his ability to be so slippery.

What happened to Team SoloMid at the 2011 MLG?

Team SoloMid attended the 2011 MLG Pro Circuit – Raleigh on August 26, 2011. At the event, Team SoloMid finished third place in the group stage, with a final standing of 1–2, defeating Curse Gaming but losing to Counter Logic Gaming and Epik Gamer. On October 9, 2011, the team participated in the IGN ProLeague Season 3 in Atlantic City.