Is Covington water safe to drink?

Is Covington water safe to drink?

NKWD’s drinking water meets all of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) health standards. Our lab analysts gather water samples from over 155 locations each month.

Where does Northern Kentucky get water?

Established in 1997, the Northern Kentucky Water District draws supply from surface water sources, the Ohio River and Licking River.

Does Northern Ky have hard water?

Water Hardness Summary Kentucky has water that ranges from moderately hard to very hard with an average water hardness measure of 112 PPM.

Does Kentucky have good water?

“Public drinking water in Kentucky is reliable and of high quality,” Mura said. “NRDC’s characterization of public drinking water is irresponsible and does not promote meaningful dialogue regarding the important concerns of safe drinking water and drinking water infrastructure investment.”

Does Louisville Kentucky have hard water?

Hardness: Louisville pure tap®, Louisville Water Company’s tap water, is moderately hard, at 159 mg/L or 9.3 grains of calcium carbonate per gallon. Moderately hard water helps build a protective layer of calcium carbonate on the inside of pipes to protect you from any lead plumbing that may be present in your home.

Is Kentucky tap water safe to drink?

(WTVQ) – The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection released the results of a new study that found the state’s drinking water is safe. The department says samples were tested for a compound known as PFAS, which can increase the risk for cancer, disrupt thyroid hormones and affect the immune system.

Does Kentucky have bad water?

Researchers found the highest levels of contamination in Eastern Kentucky along the Ohio River in South Shore. There officials detected PFOS and PFOA at 42.1 parts per trillion in the drinking water. South Shore pulls its drinking water from groundwater that’s connected to the Ohio River.

How Safe Is Louisville tap water?

It’s important to know that your drinking water meets and exceeds the EPA’s strict health standards. Since 1860, Louisville Water has provided safe, high-quality drinking water to its customers.

How good is Louisville tap water?

Louisville’s drinking water is the best tasting tap water in the country. The EWG’s latest water quality report for Louisville detected 16 contaminants in the water. Among the contaminants are PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, which is used to make Teflon and is known as a “forever chemical.”

Where does tap water come from in Kentucky?

Surface water from the Kentucky River (as it runs south of Lexington and through Owen County) and Jacobson Reservoir (located in Fayette County) provide the primary source of drinking water produced by our three water treatment plants.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Louisville Ky?

Does Kentucky have good water quality?

How do I contact NKWD customer service?

(859) 578-9898 or visit the Contact Us page fo rmore options. During this challenging time, NKWD and its employees continue to provide critical, life-sustaining water service to our customers and community.

How do I contact CDC about my water service?

If you have questions about your water service or billing, please call (859) 578-9898 or vist the Contact Us page for more options. CDC offers additional resources, including: Toolkit: Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth and Spread in Buildings.

What does NKWD do for You?

During this challenging time, NKWD and its employees continue to provide critical, life-sustaining water service to our customers and community. Just like medical personnel, first responders and other critical careers, NKWD staff are on the front lines of public safety, providing clean and safe water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.