Is Cherai Beach worth visiting?

Is Cherai Beach worth visiting?

One of the best beaches in Kerala and south India. There are many resorts in and around the beach to cater the needs of tourists. Chinese Fishing nets are demonstrated their for tourists. Altogether its worth visiting this spot.

What is special about Cherai Beach?

Famous for the rustic images of Chinese fishing nets from its sands, Cherai is one of the most visited beaches in Kochi. The seashells on Cherai Beach are unique and swimmers have been known to run into dolphins in the waters.

Is Cherai beach clean?

This is a natural beach which is formed and washed out again and again many times in a year. The freshness is awesome. the munambam harbour is nearby. There are lot resorts nearby whre you can stay for one or two days.

Can we go to Cherai Beach?

You can visit Cherai almost all throughout the year. However, the most pleasant weather can be enjoyed in the months of October to March.

Which sea is Cherai Beach?

Beautiful and stylish hotel at Cherai Beach, very well kept, with views from lovely heritage style rooms to the backwaters, and from the restaurant to the Arabian Sea as well.

Which district is Cherai Beach?

Ernakulam District
CHERAI BEACH | Ernakulam District Website | India.

Can you swim in the sea in Kerala?

Many of the beaches along the Kerala Coast have a strong under current. Swimming is possible and many people do including the local (small) children. At some places, because the sea ‘drops’ down quicky (walk out and it get deep very quick) the waves can be very large and the sea appear rough.

Does Kochi have a beach?

1. Fort Kochi Beach. This beach in Old Kochi along the Arabian Sea is your perfect chance to see the famous Chinese fishing nets or Cheenavala up close. While the beach isn’t the cleanest, the walk along the beach is a pretty one.

Is Alappuzha beach open?

Visiting Time: Open all days from 5am to 7pm. Visiting Duration: 2 to 3 hours or more.

Is cherai a city?

Cherai Beach is a beach located in Cherai in the northern side of Vypin Island, a suburb of the city Kochi in the state of Kerala, India….

Cherai Beach
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Nearest city Kochi

Is cherai a town?

Cherai (Malayalam: ചെറായി) smallest town located in north side of Vypin island. This town connects to kochin, North pravur and Kodungallur. It is a region in Kochi Taluk, a suburb of the city of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India….

Telephone code 0484
Climate Am (Köppen)

Why Ayurveda is popular in Kerala?

Kerala is probably the only state in India where Ayurveda is used as a mainstream medicine. Kerala Ayurveda is famous for its 5 prolonged treatment, named as Panchakarma. As part of this treatment medicated oil, herbs, milk, and special diet are used to cure all types of aliments.