Is BattleForge still being developed?

Is BattleForge still being developed?

The game brings back everything you know and loved about Battleforge, and more! We are still actively developing the game, and are even working on new cards and game-modes as we speak. For more information and to start playing, visit the official website: Hope to see you in the Forge!

How do you buy and sell cards in BattleForge?

Players could buy and sell cards at an in-game auction house, using BattleForge Points (BF Points), an in-game currency. Players could also invite each other to conduct a direct trade. There was a PvE mode (player versus environment) and a PvP mode (player versus player).

How many points do you get for playing on BattleForge?

When BattleForge became a Play 4 Free branded game with fewer cards initially available (32 cards and no points). The retail version came with all of the starter decks (One for each element, 64 cards) and 3,000 BattleForge points. The game’s virtual currency was distributed to each player on a 2-point per day basis.

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How do you test abilities in BattleForge?

When BattleForge begins, you’re dropped into a training ground – the Forge – where you learn about the interface and your cards (deployable units). Testing units’ abilities involves putting them on the screen and watching their health bars go down.

What does Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen mean in German?

Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen: Der Zielkontenname ist ungültig. Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect. More translations in context: unsuccessful adj.

How many boosters do you need for BattleForge?

The good news is the game comes with 3,000 points -enough for 12 boosters – and you can sell and buy cards at in-game Auction houses or swap them with other players. BattleForge’s battles lack any base building, instead forcing you to fight for power nodes and monuments.