Is Banswara marble good?

Is Banswara marble good?

Banswara White Marble is famous and highly demanded in domestic as well as global markets. It’s one of the major advantages of is a smooth finish and fine texture. It has the quality of high durability. This marble is utilized for various construction purposes such as decorating walls, floors, and roofs.

What is the cost of white marble per square foot?

Questions & Answers on White Marble

Color Min Price Max Price
White Rs 24/Square Feet Rs 900/Square Feet

What is the price of Makrana marble?

Questions & Answers on Makrana Dungri Marble

Form Min Price Max Price
Slab Rs 60/Square Feet Rs 300/Square Feet

Is white marble costly?

We have a leadership in White Marbles For the last 28 years. White Marble price ranges from Rs. 35-700.

Does Banswara marble stain?

While there really isn’t much of a difference between Banswara and Morwad marble when it comes to being stain-proof, there is a difference between how visible these stains will be – remember, Banswara White, tends to be whiter. They are both pretty porous, and nobody would classify either of them as low-maintenance.

Which marble is better for home?

Makrana White Marble is the best quality marble. Basically Makrana Marble is durable and becomes shinier with time and usage. It originates and produced in Rajasthan, India. Taj Mahal, Birla Temples and many other historical monuments are of Makrana marble.

Is Makrana marble good?

Makrana Marbles are available in tiles and slabs that are long-lasting and highly durable in nature. It is highly used white marble in building construction and decoration. Basically, it is a good quality marble that contains 99.9 percent calcium which restricts water seepage.

Which marble is best cheap?

Types of Budget-friendly white marble:-

  • Makrana Taj Mahal White.
  • White Indian Statuario.
  • White Indian Carrara.
  • Makrana Brown Statuario.
  • Makrana Premium Brown Albeta.
  • Almond White Marble.
  • Ambaji Superior White Marble.
  • Premium Morwad White.

Which Indian marble is best?

Is marble cheaper in Italy?

It has always been among the most preferred natural stones for home décor, and the most commonly used varieties are Italian and Indian marble….Properties of Indian Marble vs Italian Marble.

Italian Marble Indian Marble
Cost Starts at Rs 350 per square foot Starts at Rs 80 per square foot