Is Ashara zavros a Sith?

Is Ashara zavros a Sith?

Driven by guilt, Ashara banished herself from the Jedi Order and join the Sith Lord, who had taken pleasure in complete her indoctrination to the Sith.

Can you marry Ashara in swtor?

Even though she is a Sith Inquisitor’s companion, Ashara is still a Jedi and believes in adhering to the Jedi code & edicts of the Jedi Council. Therefore, you will never marry her because the Jedi Council forbids marriages amongst Jedi. This is the same for the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular classess.

Does the Sith Inquisitor get an apprentice?

2021 Gaming Wrap-Up – The Loop Xalek is the fifth companion Sith Inquisitors receive. He is the Inquisitor’s new apprentice, trained by the same Sith Lord on Korriban.

Can Ashara be turned to the dark side?

When recruiting her you can see her “give in” to the dark side but it doesn’t change the quest, nor the character. She is more greyish than the average light side companion, some dark side choice gets approval from her, but if you choose to murder someone for fun she won’t like.

Who killed Darth Nox?

Darth Nox died in 3588 BBY at the hands of famed Jedi Master Zeck Lathorne. However, Darth Nox would once again plague the Galaxy after his spirit was “joined” into the body of his descendant Prospero Kallig in 1000 BBY.

Who is Darth imperius?

Darth Imperius, formerly known as Arxyan Ventryx-Kallig, and also by the callsign Rage, was a powerful Dark Lord of the Sith that served the Sith Empire during the Cold War and Galactic War. The heir of ancient Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig, Imperius sought to restore the Kallig bloodline to greatness.

Is it possible to marry in swtor?

Romance is in the air in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Before you start hitting on everything that breathes, keep in mind that flings with NPCs in SWTOR don’t blossom into full-fledged, marriage-ready relationships the same way sharing googley eyes with a Companions does.

How do I get Ashara zavros as a companion?

The Sith inquisitor has to defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera to get Ashara Zavros as his fourth companion. To defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera, the key is to take them one at a time. For the Sith assassin, once the conversation ends, use force cloak to go into stealth mode immediately.

Where within the Sith order do the inquisitors operate?

upper echelons
Sith Inquisitors were a class of powerful Force-wielders within the reconstituted Sith Empire, operating primarily within the upper echelons and political circles.

What gender is Darth Nox?

Personally, I have always viewed Nox as a neutral female with a dark side ending due to my portrayal of her in the game, but the canon of my play through, just like that of everyone’s of said character, is ambiguous, despite all of the playthroughs of the character being equally valid interpretations.

Are you Darth Nox?

Darkside outcome (completely selfish and completely sadistic without reason) = Darth Nox = means “Night”, you are Darth Darkness what more needs to be said. well actually Imperious does not mean empire, in english it means bossy, demanding, etc.

Who can you flirt with in SWTOR?

Players can flirt with Lana, Koth and Theron regardless of their prior relationship status with Lana or Theron (although it may be mentioned). If flirtations have been successful, then a chance to trigger a romance with one of the three will become available in Chapter X.

What if the Sith Inquisitor was a Togruta?

The Sith Inquisitor would be the ultimate perversion of all lore created about the Togruta, from their sense of unity with eachother and the land, to their penchant for leaving behind the incompetent.

What is the best Sith Warrior for Togruta lore?

Togruta Sith by I0n (even wearing SWTOR armor!) The Sith Warrior actually fits very well with Togruta lore if you are willing to see beyond the sweet Jedi Padawan Asohka Tano and the few other Togrutans you encounter in canon lore.

What is the relationship between Togruta and Sith?

“Togruta were also known for their belief that those who could not keep up should be left to fend for themselves, because that is nature’s way.” This view meshes very well with the Sith’s rules of survival, where they pit younglings against eachother in the Sith academy, from which very few survive.

Where does the Sith Inquisitor meet Ashara Zavros?

The Sith Inquisitor meets her on the planet Taris . She is a romance option for a male Sith Inquisitor. Intelligent and eager to prove herself, the Jedi Padawan Ashara Zavros is the latest in a long and storied family lineage of Force-adepts.