Is a Harley V-Rod fast?

Is a Harley V-Rod fast?

Harley-Davidson VRSC

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson
Top speed 137.6–144 mph (221.4–231.7 km/h)
Power 115–125 hp (86–93 kW)(2001-2012) (claimed)@ 8,250 rpm 103.2 hp (77.0 kW) (rear wheel)
Torque 84.0 lbf⋅ft (113.9 N⋅m) (claimed)@ 7,000 rpm 72 lb⋅ft (98 N⋅m) (rear wheel)
Transmission 5-speed, belt drive

How many horsepower is a V-Rod?

Make Model Harley Davidson VRSCB V-Rod
Max Power 115 hp / 84 kW @ 8250 rpm
Max Torque 105 Nm / 77.4 lb-ft @ 7300 rpm
Clutch Nine plate wet pressure fed with integral compensation
Transmission 5 Speed

What is the fastest stock Harley?

FXDR 114
What is the Fastest Harley-Davidson Production Motorcycle? In terms of the time it takes to go from 0 to 60, the fastest Harley production motorcycle that’s ever been produced is the current FXDR 114.

What motor is in the VROD?

A New V2 Engine for the Harley “V-Rod” Against the backdrop of a collaboration stretching back to the 1970s, the Porsche engineers constructed a water-cooled 1,131 cc motor based on a racing engine that delighted Harley-Davidson’s demanding clientele both for its performance as well as its imposing sound.

What is the horsepower of Harley 103?

75 horsepower and 90 ft torque from the 103 engine. In comparison the stock Evo Engine with 80 cubic inch had around 55 horse power, same for the TC 88 engine. The larger differences tend to be in the torque, where the TC96 Engine has about 78 ft pounds, and the 103 cubic inch engine has 81 ft pounds.

How much horsepower does a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle have?

Tuned to produce 122 horsepower, the 1250cc Revolution® engine on the V-Rod Muscle® model is one of Harley-Davidson’s highest horsepower engine to this day.

What kind of engine does a V Rod have?

Big meaty air scoops, muscle-bound mufflers, 240 mm rear tire, fastback-style tail section and massive airbox compliment the power of the 1250 cc liquid-cooled Revolution engine. Ride the V-Rod Muscle™ and experience the true definition of “power cruiser.”

Does the 2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle have a clutch?

Hit the jump for more information on the 2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle. The 2013 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF power motorcycle is full of power cruiser style, performance and ride enhancement features including a ’slipper’ Harley clutch.

What is a Harley V-rod exhaust system?

This Harley V-Rod Muscle motorcycle exhaust system proves that a performance exhaust can still be a beautiful set of pipes. The 240 mm wide tyre in back also enhances the fat custom look of this power motorbike. Check out another Harley V-Rod model, the Night Rod Special, which is also a power motorcycle cruiser.