Is 6550 same as KT88?

Is 6550 same as KT88?

6550, KT88’s, and KT90 are interchangeable. The 6550 originated in the US and the KT88 is the European answer to the 6550. Its called “One-up-man-ship”.

Is 6550 a pentode?

6550 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 35W. Very powerful and great for bass, guitar and Hi-Fi amplifiers.

What tubes are interchangeable with KT88?

6550. The 6550 is a beam tetrode that’s similar and often interchangeable with the KT88 and KT90. It was introduced by Tung-Sol in 1964.

  • KT88. A beam tetrode that is similar to the EL34.
  • KT120 / KT150. Both tubes were developed for higher power from audio amps.
  • Are 6550 and EL34 tubes interchangeable?

    6550’s and EL34’s interchange just fine with minimal changes.

    What amp uses KT88?

    Due to these characteristics, it is regularly used to replace 6550 tubes by end users seeking a guitar amplifier tone with less distortion. Some of the amplifiers which shipped with the KT88 power tube include the Hiwatt, Marshall Major, and some Ampeg models.

    What do KT88 tubes sound like?

    Somewhere in between the soft, glassy tone of an EL34 and the raw, edgy tone of a 6550 lies the KT88. I’ve found them to have a similar glassiness and upper midrange sparkle to an EL34. They tend toward having rich harmonic response as well as a tighter, more defined low end, much akin to the 6550.

    How long do KT88 tubes last?

    about 2500 hours
    Power tubes like EL34’s and KT88’s are good for about 2500 hours or more. But may go longer in an amplifier with a conservative design. Small signal tubes with numbers like 12AX7, 12AU7, and 6922, and rectifier tubes like 5AR4 may go 10,000 hours.

    Which amps use KT88 tubes?

    KT88 tubes are currently made by New Sensor, JJ and Shuguang. Marshall used them in their 200 watt Marshall Major amps. KT88’s were also used in Hiwatt Custom 200 and 400 bass amps. They can be used as a substitute for 6550 or even EL34 tubes, if you’re looking for tighter, cleaner tone with less distortion.

    Can a 6550 replace EL34?

    The 6550 is cleaner (if you keep the PI the same), wider bandwidth and has a slight scoped mid feel compared to the EL34. My personal preference is for EL34s but many do like the 6550, especially for sparkling cleans and more metally type overdriven tones.

    How long do 6922 tubes last?

    about 10,000 hours
    Small signal tubes like a 12AX7 or 6922 will work well on average for about 10,000 hours. If you leave your equipment on 24 hours a day, well you do the math: There are 8,760 hours in a year.

    How long do tubes last in an amplifier?

    Depending on how often you turn on and turn off your gear, but tubes should last about 5,000 to 10,000 hours. For most people, they only need to be replaced every 2-3 years at most.

    Are EL34 and KT77 interchangeable?

    The quick answer to the difference between EL34 vs 6CA7 or EL34 vs KT77 is simple. EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 are all drop-in replacement of each other. You can use 6CA7 or KT77 in place of EL34. Electrically, they are the same.

    Are kt-88 and 6550 tubes the same?

    You may end up preferring different tubes in your amp than I prefer in mine – some amps need sweetening up, others toning down – but I am certain that you will experience the relative differences between tubes that I hear. 6550 and KT-88 are power pentodes used in a variety of applications. They are closely related.

    How reliable are the KT88’s?

    Those are supposedly revered as one of the best. However, less than 10 hours one of them had a spark of fireworks in it and shorted the fuse. I heard KT88s are in general not as reliable as 6550.

    How long do Tung Sol 6550’s last?

    The 6550’s ran for 4 years and are still fine . tubestore calls these quads “Preferred” , only few bucks more . I probably have 50 or so 6550s or KT88s. Unless you want the NOS Tung Sol 6550s which are pricy, the Genelex Gold Lions are a pretty good choice. I’ve had the 275s and have been running MC60s for the last few years.

    Are eat KT88 tubes reliable?

    I recently got a quad of EAT kt88 tubes for my Mcintosh MC275. Those are supposedly revered as one of the best. However, less than 10 hours one of them had a spark of fireworks in it and shorted the fuse. I heard KT88s are in general not as reliable as 6550.