Is 11 nmol low testosterone?

Is 11 nmol low testosterone?

American consensus statements say above 11.1 nmol/L is normal, below 6.9 nmol/L is diagnostic of hypogonadism, and 6.9–11.1 nmol/L is equivocal. In Europe those figures are respectively 12, 8 and 8–12 nmol/L.

Is 12 a low testosterone level?

Low testosterone, or low T, is diagnosed when levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). A normal range is typically 300 to 1,000 ng/dL, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Can a 21 year old have low testosterone?

When you think of declining levels of testosterone, you might think of middle-aged or older men. But men under 30 can also experience low testosterone, or “low T.” According to the Mayo Clinic, testosterone levels tend to peak in men during adolescence and early adulthood.

Is 12 nmol low testosterone?

Total testosterone levels of less than 8 nmol/l highly support a diagnosis of hypogonadism whereas levels greater than 12 nmol/l are likely to be normal. The grey zone between 8 and 12 nmol/l requires further evaluation and assessment of free or non-sex hormone-binding globulin-bound (bioavailable) testosterone.

What is considered dangerously low testosterone?

The American Urology Association define low testosterone as less than 300 nanograms (ng) of the hormone per deciliter (dl) of blood. They also reported that about 2 in every 100 men have low testosterone.

What should my testosterone level be?

In general, the normal range in males is about 270-1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL. A normal male testosterone level peaks at about age 20, and then it slowly declines. Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance.

What is a good level of free testosterone?

For healthy adult men, the normal range is considered to be between 264-914 ng/dL. Free testosterone levels are measured by picogram/milliliter. Normal free testosterone levels vary from a range of 9.3-26.5 pg/mL for men aged 20-29, to 6.6-18.1 pg/mL for men 59 and older.

What is a dangerously high testosterone level?

Abnormally high testosterone levels are also known as hypergonadism. If you are male, your doctor may consider your testosterone levels too high if: Total testosterone level is above 950 ng/dL. Free testosterone level is above 30 ng/dL.