How to awaken Kundalini?

How to awaken Kundalini?

Awakening Kundalini can go two ways. Kundalini awakens through many years of hard work and dedication. Kundalini awakens spontaneously. You are not actively working to achieve awakening nor are you mentally preparing yourself but somehow, awakening is triggered.

What happens when you wake up Kundalini chakras?

By waking up our chakras are activated gradually and an incredible cosmic energy is released. The awakening of Kundalini is often akin to samadhi – the last and much sought after stage of spiritual awakening.

Can Kundalini yoga and Hatha Yoga trigger awakening?

Both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga can trigger awakening through activating and clearing the energy centers through specific chakra-aligned postures. Other spiritual postural practices like Qi-gong can be a trigger too.

What happens when Kundalini energy uncoils?

When the Kundalini energy first uncoils itself and awakens it is very intense. Some people feel it as blissful while others struggle through it entirely. Although the entire awakening process is divine transcendence as people are experiencing a death of their ego and rewiring of cells. We all know that deep transformation is not always comfortable.