How tall do Crackerjack marigolds grow?

How tall do Crackerjack marigolds grow?

36″ tall
Tall Marigold “Crackerjack Mix”.

Zones 1 – 10
Advantages Easy To Grow Deer Resistant Rabbit Resistant Pest / Disease Resistant Low Maintenance Fragrant Flower / Foliage Good For Containers Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks) Great For Mass Plantings
Light Requirements Full Sun
Mature Height 36″ tall
Bloom Time Summer to fall

Are Crackerjack marigolds annuals or perennials?

Crackerjack Marigolds are half-hardy annuals that feature a blend of bright shades of orange, gold, yellow, and primrose. Crackerjack Marigolds develop huge flowers with gracefully overlapping petals that bloom from midsummer to first frost.

Do African marigolds come up every year?

Also called American marigolds or Aztec marigolds, African marigolds are annuals that bloom from early summer until frost. African marigolds are taller and more tolerant of hot, dry conditions than French marigolds.

Do African marigolds come back?

Marigolds have vibrant flowers for one season. Marigolds are an attractive summer annual that adds a reliable burst of color to your landscape from summer through fall. While the plants will wilt and die back in the fall, the flowers are easy to grow again from seed the following season.

How do you care for Crackerjack marigolds?

Care: Water seedlings regularly until established. Pinch back plants when they are young for a bushier growth habit. Deadhead to prolong blooming. Amend soil with compost before sowing or transplanting or apply liquid fertilizer a few times a season.

What does crackerjack mean?

thing of marked excellence
: a person or thing of marked excellence.

Are French marigolds Hardy?

Marigolds are cheerful, brilliantly coloured annuals that are long-standing favourite summer flowers for borders and pots. This is an old cottage garden favourite which is a hardy annual, meaning it tolerates some frost and is therefore easy to grow.

How high do African marigolds grow?

How to care for marigolds

Flowering season(s) Summer, Autumn
Soil pH Neutral
Soil moisture Moist but well-drained
Ultimate height Up to 30cm (1ft)
Ultimate spread Up to 30cm (1ft)

What is the difference between French marigold and African marigold?

The African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) have large, double, yellow-to-orange flowers from midsummer to frost. The French marigolds (Tagetes patula) are smaller, bushier plants with flowers up to 2 inches across. Flower colors are yellow, orange, and mahogany-red.

What is the difference between African and French marigolds?

The main difference between African and French marigold is that the petals of French marigold flowers are more ruffled than the petals of the African marigolds. Furthermore, French marigolds are available in a wider range of shades, while African marigolds possess petals with yellow-to-orange shadings.

How often should I water potted marigolds?

Watering Established Plants Established marigolds in garden beds need a good soak once each week. Give them enough water so that the soil is moist to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. If the weather is unusually hot or windy, they’ll need extra water. Water marigolds in pots when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil is dry.

African Marigold ‘Crackerjack’ mix is an heirloom that grows to 36 inches tall. The fluffy, carnation-like flowers come in shades of gold, orange and yellow. Recommended for beds & borders and the cutting garden. Also useful for control of insect pests in the vegetable garden.

What is the scientific name of African marigold Crackerjack?

African Marigold ‘Crackerjack’ (Tagetes erecta) Scientific Name Tagetes erecta Bloom Period Fall Blooming Flowers, Summer Seeds/lb. 136,000 oz./1000 sq. ft. 4 lbs./acre 10

What is Crackerjack mix flower?

Crackerjack Mix blooms are large and full, in a range of yellows and oranges. Native to South and Central America, Marigolds are a common cultural symbol in Mexico and are often included in Dia de los Muertos celebrations in the fall, when these blooms are at their peak!

Are African marigolds edible?

African Marigold petals are edible with a slightly bitter, citrusy/spice flavor. They make a pretty garnish on rice, salads, or desserts. For a dazzling contrast, plant next to blue or dark purple flowers. Be prepared for butterflies to visit! Variety Information: 4″ blooms in tangerine orange, rich gold, and lemony yellow.