How old is Rutte?

How old is Rutte?

54 years (February 14, 1967)
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What party is Rutte from?

People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
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How many languages does Mark Rutte speak?

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Is VVD liberal or conservative?

The People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (Dutch: Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie [ˈvɔl(ə)kspɑrˌtɛi voːr ˈvrɛiɦɛit ɛn deːmoːˈkraːtsi]; VVD) is a conservative-liberal political party in the Netherlands.

Is Mark Rutte still prime minister?

The current prime minister has been Mark Rutte since 14 October 2010, who serves in a demissionary capacity since his resignation on 15 January 2021.

Who is the head of Sweden?

Prime Minister of Sweden
Flag of Sweden
Incumbent Magdalena Andersson since 30 November 2021
Style Madam Prime Minister (informal) Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Member of Government of Sweden European Council

Who is the head of Denmark?

Prime Minister of Denmark
Incumbent Mette Frederiksen since 27 June 2019
Style Her Excellency (diplomatic, outside Denmark)
Member of Council of State Cabinet European Council
Residence Marienborg

Is Rutte married?

Rutte is single. He is a member of the Dutch Protestant Church. As of 2021, Rutte still teaches social studies for two hours a week at the Johan de Witt College, a secondary school in The Hague.

Does the Netherlands have a royal family?

Since 1814, the Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy. This means the position of the monarch is laid down in the Constitution. The King is the head of state and together with the ministers he makes up the government.

Who is in charge of the Netherlands?

Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Coat of arms of the Netherlands
Incumbent Mark Rutte since 14 October 2010
Ministry of General Affairs
Member of Council of Ministers European Council

Who is the current leader of the Netherlands?

Mark RutteSince 2010
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Who is the leader of the Netherlands now?