How old is Kareem Adepoju Baba Wande?

How old is Kareem Adepoju Baba Wande?

Kareem Adepoju is better known as Baba Wande by his fans and he is 75 years old.

Where is Baba Wande from?

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju popularly known as “Baba Wande” is a Nigerian film actor, writer and producer who shot to limelight in 1993 after he starred as “Oloye Otun” in the movie titled Ti Oluwa Ni Ile….

Kareem Adepoju
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actor film producer writer
Years active 1962–present

When was Baba Wande born?

April 22, 2016
Today, April 22, 2016 is the legend’s birthday, and to celebrate him, we have put together eight things every fan should know about him. Here we go; 1. He began his professional acting career in 1963 with the Duro Ladipo Theatre Group.

How old is Antar Laniyan now?

My earlier stage acting was in 1976; it’s a long time now. However, I became a professional, under Ben Tomoloju, in 1980, June 18, 1980 precisely. It’s about 31 years today and am not 50 yet (laughs). That means you started when you were just a boy?

Who is Olofa Ina?

Chief Adedeji Aderemi, aka Olofa Ina (15th May, 1950) is a popular veteran actor in nollywood movies.

How old is Eda Onile Ola?

82 years (November 19, 1939)
Lere Paimo/Age

How old is Iya Awero?

71 years (October 3, 1950)
Lanre Hassan/Age

How old is afeez?

Afeez Oyetoro (born August 20, 1963) is a Nigerian comic actor, popularly known as “Saka”….

Afeez Oyetoro
Born 20 August 1963 Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria
Other names Saka
Occupation Actor comedian scholar
Parent(s) Pa Oyetoro (father)

How old is Olofaina?

Olofa Ina Age Baba Olofa Ina is 71 years old. Born on 15th May, 1950.

Who is Baba ijesha in Nigeria?

James Olanrewaju
By Arogbonlo Israel Following the alleged molesting of a 14-year-old girl by Nollywood actor, James Olanrewaju, known as Baba Ijesha, the Lagos State Government has given its stance on the matter.

How old is Olofa?

Where is Lere Paimo from?

Ogbomosho, Nigeria
Lere Paimo/Place of birth