How old is Doug from Hoobastank?

How old is Doug from Hoobastank?

47 years (January 2, 1975)
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What nationality is Doug Robb?

Doug Robb/Nationality
Doug Robb, lead vocalist and founding member of Hoobastank, an American rock band active since 1994.

Where is Hoobastank?

Agoura Hills
Hoobastank is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California.

Is Hoobastank related to Incubus?

The members of Hoobastank and Incubus have not only grown up together, but toured together and shared a producer. Their styles are quite similar, a resemblance not lost on critics and fans. “We’re not too worried about it,” Robb said.

Who is Hoobastank lead singer?

Doug Robb
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Even lead singer Doug Robb can admit that. In their newly launched TikTok profile, Hoobastank posted a video of Robb looking over the band’s collection of platinum records, with text on the screen reading, “Realizing 20 years later you named your band Hoobastank.”

Who is Doug Robb married to?

Christiana Lundm. 2008
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Who is the singer of Hoobastank?

What kind of rock is Hoobastank?

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Also known as Hoobustank (1994–2001)
Origin Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Post-grunge alternative rock nu metal funk metal (early) ska punk (early)
Years active 1994–present

How did Hoobastank come up with their name?

They then recruited Markku Lappalainen and Chris Hesse to form Hoobastank. In an interview, Chris Hesse explained that the band’s name originated from Robb’s mispronunciation of a German street name. Hoobastank started playing gigs at the local venue Cobalt Cafe along with Incubus and others.

Who toured with Hoobastank?

Hoobastank has 351 concerts

Date Concert
May 20, 2016 – May 22, 2016 Richardson Wildflower Festival John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers / The Guess Who / Survivor / Hoobastank
Apr 22, 2016 P.O.D. / Hoobastank
Jan 19, 2016 Hoobastank
Aug 22, 2015 The Awakening P.O.D. / Hoobastank

How many songs does Hoobastank?

Hoobastank discography
Video albums 3
Music videos 20
EPs 1
Singles 18

What is Hoobastank most famous song?

The band is best known for their singles “Crawling in the Dark”, “Running Away”, and “The Reason”.

What is the name of the first Hoobastank album?

(unfavorable) Hoobastank is the eponymous debut studio album by American rock band Hoobastank, released on November 20, 2001 by Island Records. Three singles were released from the album: “Crawling in the Dark”, “Running Away”, and “Remember Me”. It has since been certified Platinum in the United States.

Is the reason by Hoobastank on YouTube?

on YouTube. “The Reason” is a song by the American rock band Hoobastank, from their album The Reason. The song is Hoobastank’s most commercially successful single, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (kept from the top spot by Usher’s hit “Burn”), and No. 1 on the Modern Rock Tracks.

Is Hoobastank signed to Island Records?

By this stage, Hoobastank had developed a strong reputation in Southern California. This attracted interest from Island Records, who subsequently signed the band in 2000. At the time of signing, the band had completed a second full-length album, titled Forward, also featuring Jeremy Wasser.

Who are the other members of Hoobastank?

Hoobastank Associated acts Vanessa Amorosi Linkin Park Website www .hoobastank .com Members Doug Robb Dan Estrin Chris Hesse Jesse C Past members Markku Lappalainen Jeremy Wasser Derek K