How old is a Dyson DC04?

How old is a Dyson DC04?

The DC04, released around 1998, had improved filters fitted as standard.

Is Dyson DC04 clutch model?

A DC04, DC07 or DC14 model with this knob is known as a clutched model and this brush bar you are viewing is the correct part. If your machine does not have this control knob you have a non -clutched version and you will require the other brush bar.

How many filters does a Dyson DC04 have?

2 filters
Now there’s 2 filters in the DC04, there’s this pre-motor filter which filters out fine dust particles which can cause allergies.

How heavy is a Dyson dc04?

17.86 Pounds
Dyson DC04 Silver Lime Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Brand Dyson
Form factor Upright
Surface recommendation Carpet
Item weight 17.86 Pounds
Power / Wattage 1400 watts

What is the part number for the Dyson DC04 vacuum cleaner?

Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner Grey Hose Assembly Part Number: QUAHSE106 Stylish and h.. Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner Lime Hose Assembly Part Number: QUAHSE95 Stylish and hi.. Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner Motor Fixing Adaptor Kit Part Number: QUAVCP186 &nbs.. Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord Kit Dyson Part Number: 911859-02 Genuine r..

Is there a replacement bin Assembly for a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Dyson DC04 Bin Assembly, 902331-01 Replacement bin assembly for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Made fro.. Dyson DC04 Constant Max Motor, 900930-07 Replacement Dyson DC04 Constant Max Motor. Genuine and b..

What is the Dyson part number for the carbon brushes?

Carbon Brushes Dyson Ydk Motor Type, QUACAR94 Dyson Part Number: QUACAR94 Pair of original quali.. Crevice Tool Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Crevice tool for select Dyson vacuum cleaners. .. Dyson 32mm, 35mm Soft Dusting Brush Tool This universal Vacuum Cleaner Soft Dusting B..

How do I Fix my Dyson DC04 that won’t stand upright?

The guide we have written will show how to access this in the DC04 Mains Cable guide. Lack of suction can often be resolved by washing the filter in the top of the cyclone unit. The DC04 Filter Service guide will show you how to remove and clean the filters. Sometimes, a Dyson DC04 wont stand upright. It’s simple to fix and takes seconds.