How much power does yallourn produce?

How much power does yallourn produce?

1,480 megawatts
Together, these turbines produce 1,480 megawatts of electricity an hour – enough to power about 2 million homes. Today, Yallourn provides 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity, and about 8 per cent of Australia’s National Electricity Market.

When was yallourn demolished?

Yallourn A was demolished in 1968, and Yallourn B following in the early 1970s. Yallourn C, D and E stations were commissioned in 1954, 1957 and 1961 respectively, and provided the bulk of Victoria’s power until Hazelwood Power Station became operational in the mid 1960s.

When did Yallourn power station open?

The story of Yallourn Power Station starts in 1921, when the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) built a temporary power station fuelled by brown coal from the Latrobe Valley. Its success led to a permanent station on the banks of the Latrobe River in 1924, and to the station we know today.

How many employees does Yallourn power station have?

Yallourn has operated for 47 years burning brown coal. It supplies one-fifth of Victoria’s energy and employs 500 permanent workers and hundreds more contractors. It’s also responsible for 13% of Victoria’s emissions.

Who owns Energy Australia?

EnergyAustralia Investments Pty Ltd
CLP Group
EnergyAustralia/Parent organizations

Who owns Loy Yang Power Station?

Background. AGL Loy Yang is in the Latrobe Valley, 165 kilometres south east of Melbourne and was acquired by AGL in 2012.

When did yallourn hospital close?

The hospital was renamed in 1950 to Latrobe Valley Community Hospital (L.V.C.H.) and in 1959 it was incorporated. It closed in 1971 when a new hospital opened the same year in Moe.

Who owns energy Australia?

When was the first coal-fired power station built in Australia?

When was the first coal-fired power station built? The first coal power plant in Australia is credited to the Yallourn Power station in Victoria. Located in the Latrobe Valley, the origins of the Yallourn Power Station date back to 1890 where operations begun at the Yallourn North Open Cut – a brown coal mine.

Is EnergyAustralia Chinese owned?

EnergyAustralia (formerly TRUenergy) is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group.

Is simply energy Australian owned?

Simply Energy is an Australian energy retailer, providing electricity and gas to more than 700,000 accounts across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, with sales totalling 12% of the Australian market. It is the Australian retail arm of ENGIE, which fully owns Simply Energy.

When did AGL buy Loy Yang?

AGL Loy Yang is in the Latrobe Valley, 165 kilometres south east of Melbourne and was acquired by AGL in 2012. The power station and accompanying open cut coal mine cover about 6,000 hectares.

What is the Yallourn mine?

The Yallourn mine is a surface mine, operated under contract by Roche Thiess Linfox (RTL), for EnergyAustralia (formerly known as TRUenergy), a subsidiary of the CLP Group, producing 18 million tonnes per annum, in Yallourn, Victoria, Australia. The mine produces coal for the Yallourn W power station.

What is Energy Australia doing about the Yallourn Power Station?

Please attribute to Liz Westcott, Executive Energy – EnergyAustralia: The Yallourn power station is continuing to respond to recent heavy rainfall across the region and its potential implications at the Yallourn coal mine, including cracking of the Morwell River Diversion wall.

How is Yallourn powered?

Yallourn is powered by brown coal produced from Australia’s second-largest open cut mine, just next door. Every year, we mine around 18 million tonnes of high moisture brown coal that is used to boil water into a superheated steam that drives Yallourn’s four massive turbine generators.

Where does Victoria get its electricity from coal?

This coal is responsible for 85% of the electricity in Victoria, and also supplies electricity to Tasmania and New South Wales. The Yallourn mine is the oldest in Victoria, and Australia’s second-largest open cut mine. Yallourn mine has produced over 1 billion tonnes of brown coal since the 1920s.