How much is Diamond Dogs album worth?

How much is Diamond Dogs album worth?

A copy of the withdrawn version of the original RCA Diamond Dogs album has sold for an astonishing $3,550.00 on ebaY.

Is Diamond Dogs concept album?

Diamond Dogs, David Bowie’s eighth studio album, was a concept album loosely based on George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Bowie had hoped to create a theatrical production of Orwell’s book, and began work on the project after completing Pin Ups in 1973.

Who played on Diamond Dogs album?

The absence of Mick Ronson led Bowie to play guitar on the record. The album featured the return of Tony Visconti, who had not worked with Bowie for four years; the two would collaborate for the rest of the decade….

Diamond Dogs
Length 38:25
Label RCA
Producer David Bowie
David Bowie chronology

Is Diamond Dogs a live album?

Diamond DogsDiamond Dogs / Album

What are Elvis Presley records worth?

Elvis – Elvis Presley: up to $1,000 Elvis records don’t tend to sell for much, given that most teenagers in 1950s America bought them by the bucketload. However, certain records are worth a pretty penny. Have a look out for mono copies of the King’s debut album. Copies can sell for up to $1,000.

Why are they called the Diamond Dogs?

The name stemmed from the group’s profession as “dogs of war,” who were willing to carry out unsavory jobs for clients, while at the same time maintaining pride in their work.

Who played lead guitar on Diamond Dogs?

Why else would he elect to play lead guitar on Diamond Dogs? Guitarist Mick Ronson was always one of the best things about Bowie and for Bowie to replace him is like Mick Jagger filling in for Keith Richard.

Why is it called Diamond Dogs?

Are Elvis 45 records worth anything?

Elvis’ 1961 classic Can’t Help Falling in Love sold over a million copies in the US, and the standard 45 rpm singles are ten a penny. The limited edition 33 rpm singles on the other hand are worth a fortune. The hula cover version is most valuable, realizing up to $4,000 at auction.

Did Elvis sell 1 billion records?

Over the course of Elvis’ life, he achieved some of the highest accolades in music and film. It is estimated that more than one billion Elvis records have been sold worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history.

Is Diamond Dogs David Bowie’s worst album in six years?

Aladdin Sane was frustratingly uneven, Pinups was trivial, and now comes Diamond Dogs, perhaps Bowie’s worst album in six years. It would be presumptuous to pretend to explain Bowie’s deterioration — he is a remote man whose mind remains mysterious — but two considerations are worth entertaining.

Is David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ a rock’n roll genocide?

On Diamond Dogs Bowie shouts, “This ain’t Rock’n Roll — this is Genocide.” Suicide is more like it, for it’s Bowie, not the listener, who’s in trouble. First the guitar: Maybe Bowie plays it himself to get a raunchy, untutored feel the more polished Ronson couldn’t capture, but the result is merely cheesy.

What is the movie Diamond Dogs about?

Diamond Dogs depicts a not-too-distant future in which the remnants of the human race live out their dying days in frantic pursuit of sleazy sex. What seems to interest Bowie here is not the future but the sex.

What kind of music did David Bowie write in dogs?

The last glam gasp of Bowie’s English years, Dogs also sprawls toward Bowie’s forthcoming Thin White Duke persona, embracing Blaxploitation funk and soul, rock opera, European art song, and Broadway. The album cracked FM radio with “Rebel Rebel,” an Iggy Pop-like blast aimed at America’s teenage wasteland.