How much is an International Scout II worth?

How much is an International Scout II worth?

An International Harvester Scout II is still expensive in today’s time. rates its commercial market value at $29,611, but bids for it say otherwise. Most bids for a Scout II model range from between $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the model and its condition.

How many Scout II were made?

532,674 Scouts
The Scout II was introduced in 1971. The basic sheet metal remained unchanged until production stopped on October 21, 1980. During the 20-year period (1960–1980), 532,674 Scouts were produced.

How much did gas Monkey sell the scout for?

The lucky owner is now Barry Richards, President and COO of TravelCenters of America and he paid a cool $200,000 for the “HellScout.” The Hellcrate Scout II build aired on Fast N’ Loud July 22, 2019.

Is international scout still in business?

The Scout was discontinued in 1980. International became Navistar and has been committed to commercial trucks only. But it still has all of the elements needed to produce a new Scout.

Is a scout a Bronco?

Like the Bronco, the Scout name holds a lot of heritage, having debuted for the 1961 model year. The original 1966 Ford Bronco was also designed with the Scout in mind, so these two vehicles have quite the history together.

Is a scout a Jeep?

The Scout was created as a competitor to the Jeep. Like the Jeep it had square utilitarian styling but had cleaner lines. It initially featured a fold-down windshield. The Scout and second generation Scout II were produced in Fort Wayne, Indiana as two-door trucks.

Did fast and loud get Cancelled?

In conversation with Rogan, Rawlings confirmed that Fast N’ Loud had been cancelled. For eight years on air, the Texas based Gas Monkey Garage and the reality show filmed therein was famed for its on-screen drama, but what the audience saw was less than half the story.

Are international scouts coming back?

The Scout was discontinued in 1980 That’s why it made so much sense to make them for almost 20 years. In the past Bre Whalen, a Navistar International spokesperson told Automotive News that the company’s focus is on commercial trucks and that there are no plans to reenter the consumer market.

Who owns the IH Scout name?

Navistar is the company that was created when International Harvester went under in 1985 and continues to own the Scout trademark for “land vehicles over 2400 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), licensed for use on public streets, highways as well as off road use, namely, light duty trucks excluding fire trucks, such as …