How much does it cost to visit Kaziranga National Park?

How much does it cost to visit Kaziranga National Park?

Highlights of Kaziranga National Park Tour

Kaziranga National Park Tour Package Details
Tour Name: Kaziranga National Park Tour
Tour Duration: 3 Nights / 4 Days
Destinations Covered: Guwahati » Kaziranga
Starting Price: Rs. 14500 /- Per Person

Which airport is near to Kaziranga National Park?

Jorhat is considered as the nearest domestic airport from Kaziranga. Travelers who are planning to reach the park via airways have to get down at Johrat which is 217 kilometers far from the National Park. There are frequent flight services which connects this national park with Guwahati and Kolkata.

What is the cost of elephant safari in Kaziranga?

Safari charges are Rs. 2300 per Jeep per safari, this is for four in one Jeep. Similarly there are elephant safari where the cost could be 1000 per person. Permit for safari needs to be taken rather names and details of people visiting have to be given in advance.

How many days are enough for Kaziranga?

How many days are enough for Kaziranga Tour? You require two full days to explore the Kaziranga National Park – one day for Jeep Safari and second day for Elephant Safari and local visit to tea garden or Biodiversity park.

Which range of Kaziranga is best?

Kaziranga has a total of 4 ranges: Central Range, Western Range, Eastern Range, and Burapahar Range. Every range has its own specialty when it comes to sightings. Kohora or the Central Range is generally believed to be the best range for safari as it houses a dense population of rhinos and elephants.

Which safari is best in Kaziranga?

Best Zone for Elephant Safari :- Western zone is highly recommended safari zone in the Kaziranga where there is strong probability of spotting tiger and most famous one-horned rhinos. The elephant safari set out at 05:30 and 06:30 every morning and continues up to one or one and half hours.

Why is Kaziranga National Park famous for?

Kaziranga National Park a world heritage site is famous for the Great Indian one horned rhinoceros, the landscape of Kaziranga is of sheer forest, tall elephant grass, rugged reeds, marshes & shallow pools. It has been declared as National Park in 1974.

Is Kaziranga closed now?

The Kaziranga National Park will open for tourists from October 1. Due to the severe second wave of Covid-19, the Assam government had notified on May 3 to close all national parks and wildlife sanctuaries for visitors.

Which is the best range in Kaziranga?

Can we stay inside Kaziranga National Park?

Near Kohora and Bagori zone of the Kaziranga National Park, tourists will be able to find best places to stay; some of which are Government run lodges while other are private accommodations and camps.

Which is the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park?

The best time to visit Kaziranga is from the month of November to April. The winter season of the region starts from the month of November and February which is quite mild and dry that has a mean high of 25 °C (77 °F) and low of 5 °C (41 °F).

How far is Kaziranga from Guwahati?

Distance Between Kaziranga to Guwahati

Distance between Kaziranga to Guwahati by Road is 194 Kms
Distance between Kaziranga to Guwahati by Flight is 151 Kms
Travel Time from Kaziranga to Guwahati by Road is 3:39 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kaziranga Rowriah Airport (26.58, 93.17)