How much does it cost to press CDs?

How much does it cost to press CDs?

CD Production & Pricing

Quantity CD-R On-disc color label 2 Panel Glossy Cardboard Sleeve Bulk CD On-disc color label No Inserts
200-299 $3.50
300-499 $3.30 $1.25
500-699 $2.95 $1.00
700-1000 $2.50 $0.80

How do you label a CD?

The easiest way to label a CD-R is to whip out that permanent marker and write directly on the disc. It’s also a great way to assure that the disc won’t be readable later on.

How are CDs printed?

Replicated discs are printed using the silkscreen method, which can be set up for Spot (PMS) colors, Full-Color CMYK Process, or Offset. All of these methods are available on Disc Makers replicated discs, and all but Offset are available on Disc Makers silkscreened blank CD-R and DVD-R discs.

How do I release my own CD?

Here are ten tips to successfully launching a new album

  1. Create awareness for the album while it’s still in the works.
  2. Release a single 1-3 months in advance of the release.
  3. Shoot a music video.
  4. Make your single ubiquitous.
  5. Alert the press!
  6. Line up distribution for your album.
  7. Revamp your website.

Can I make my own CD?

The custom CD service is designed to make the selection, customization and checkout process easy, enjoyable and time efficient. Select the music tab at and click on “Create a Custom CD.” Search or browse a song and click “Add to CD.” Continue to add songs until playlist is complete or CD is full.

What is CD label?

A device used to print labels on CD-R discs. Label printing is often incorporated into CD duplicators that clean the media, record the data and print the label automatically. CD label printers also print on printable DVD-R media and may be advertised as CD/DVD printers.

Can you write over a CD?

Use your CD-RW discs over and over again. A CD-RW is a type of CD that allows you to burn over previously recorded data. The RW stands for rewritable because you can use it just like you would a floppy disk or hard drive and write data onto it numerous times.

Are CDs pressed?

CDs are made by being pressed from a mold, while CD-Rs and CD-RWs are made by burning the information to the disc with a laser. Though they are not physically identical, they work just the same. However, you cannot record to pressed CDs, only to CD-R/RW discs.

Are CDs stamped?

DVDs and Blu-rays use similar methods (see Optical Disc § Optical Disc manufacturing). In addition, CD burners write data sequentially, while a CD pressing plant forms the entire disk in one physical stamping operation, similar to record pressing.

How do I print a disk label?

Printing Disc Labels

  1. Select the folder where you saved the photos.
  2. Select the photo.
  3. Check the selected photo, and then click Select Frame.
  4. Click CD/DVD.
  5. Select the frame.
  6. Click Edit and Print.
  7. Click the photo that is automatically placed in the frame.