How much does it cost to park at Westmead Hospital?

How much does it cost to park at Westmead Hospital?

Visitor parking casual rates

Duration Rates from 1 July 2019*
First 15 minutes Free
15 minutes – 1 hour $6.80
1 hr – 2 hrs $10.10
2 hrs – 3 hrs $13.50

Where do you pay for parking at Westmead Hospital?

Patients and visitors can pay for parking prior to returning to their car at the pay station, located near the University Clinics. The pay station accepts credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only), coins and notes up to $50, and provides change as required.

Who owns Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital?

Healthe Care Australia
Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital is operated by Healthe Care Australia. Healthe Care is the third largest private hospital operator in Australia and one of the country’s largest privately-owned health care organisations.

Is there parking in Parramatta Park?

Parramatta Park operates two long-stay (10P) paid car parks. One is located off O’Connell Street near the Parramatta Pool (Pool Car Park) and the other is located near the Gatehouse Tea Rooms and Rumsey Rose Garden (Bowling Green Car Park). See Park map. Both car parks are run as restricted parking areas.

What is the postcode for Westmead?

Westmead/Postal codes

Is Westmead Hospital Public or private?

Westmead Hospital
Care system Medicare (Australia)
Funding Public hospital
Type General Teaching
Affiliated university University of Sydney

How much is parking in Parramatta Park?

Parramatta Station Car Park (Wentworth Street)

Time Cost
up to 20 minutes Free
20 minutes–1 hour $3.00
1–2 hours $6.00
2–3 hours $9.00

Does Bankwest Stadium have parking?

There is no public parking onsite at Bankwest Stadium. However, there are a number of parking stations close the Stadium if you are looking for parking in the area.

What is Granville postcode?

Granville/Postal codes

What is Ashfield postcode?

Ashfield/Postal codes

What does a rehabilitation hospital do?

A medical rehabilitation hospital, also known as an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF), is a type of specialty hospital that focuses on treating people recovering from debilitating injuries, illnesses, surgeries, and chronic medical conditions.

How do I get to Westmead rehabilitation hospital?

Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital, 7 Coleman Street, South Wentworthville NSW 2145 There is a pick up and drop off zone at the front of the Hospital. This is strictly a 5 minute zone. Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital is easily accessible by bus from Parramatta Train Station.

What is Westmead Hospital known for?

About Westmead Hospital Westmead Hospital is the principal referral hospital for western Sydney, renowned for its comprehensive, highly specialised and complex services provided to its community, statewide and nationally.

What is West Meade Place?

Privately owned and conveniently located in West Nashville, West Meade Place offers a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to healthcare, focused on delivering care compassionately in a comfortable, nurturing setting.