How much does a tecnam cost?

How much does a tecnam cost? PRICE

Manufacturer Tecnam Aircraft Type P2006T Base Aircraft Price (USD) $625,000
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 150 Max Range (nm) 669 Useful Load (lbs) 748
Total Seats 4 Flight Deck (Base Spec) Garmin GTN 650 Flight Rules IFR
Certification FAA / EASA OEM Verification Un-Verified

How much does a Tecnam P2008 cost?

The base price for a P2008 with analog flight instruments, an iPad mini for your moving navigation map, and no turbocharger is $146,500. The turbocharger package includes a three-blade Sensenich propeller and adds $24,900.

How much does a Tecnam P2010 cost?

During a livestream video announcing the new model May 27, Tecnam Managing Director Giovanni Pascale Langer said flight schools are the high-wing, three-door aircraft’s target market. However, the P2010 TDI’s price of about $412,000 (375,000 euros) could be steep for them to pay.

How much is a Tecnam p2012?

The Italian piston twin makes a surprising alternative to a turboprop

Base Price $2.53 million 8,069 lb.
Price as Equipped $2.6 million 2,491 lb.
Engines Lycoming TEO-540-C1A, 375 hp 3,073 lb.
Propellers MT-Propeller, 4-Blade 198 gal.
Seats 11 23,000 ft.

Who owns tecnam?

As of 2018, it has delivered 5,000 airplanes worldwide….Tecnam.

Type Private
Founder Luigi Pascale and Giovanni Pascale
Headquarters Casoria , Italy
Area served Worldwide
Products Component manufacture, general aviation

Is tecnam experimental?

The two-seat aircraft is powered by a 100-horsepower Rotax engine. It will also be available as an experimental category airplane in addition to a light sport aircraft and ultralight.

What is a tecnam aircraft?

The Tecnam P2006T, a four-seat twin engined aircraft, made its maiden flight in 2007. It is powered by a pair of 100 hp Rotax 912S piston engines, driving variable pitch propellers, and retractable landing gear. The Tecnam P2010 is a larger, four seat derivative of the P2008.

Is the Tecnam p2012 pressurized?

Cape Air required single-pilot operations, a modern cockpit, an unpressurised cabin and a metal airframe. The high wing enhances visibility during landing, the fixed landing gear is suitable for rough landing strips. The removable panels for underfloor access simplify maintenance and operations.

Who makes tecnam aircraft?

Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam is an Italian aeronautics manufacturer. It was founded in 1986. The company has two primary activities: producing aircraft components for various other manufacturers, and manufacturing its own range of light aircraft.

Where are tecnam aircraft manufactured?

Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam operates two separate production facilities in Italy; the Casoria facility is located adjacent to Naples Capodichino Airport. The Capua facility is located adjacent to the Oreste Salomone Airport.

What kind of engine does a Tecnam P2002 Sierra have?

New 2021 Tecnam P2002 Sierra positions available – File photos used in Ad. This popular Tecnam classic 2-place low wing has received a major update and still retains its balanced flight characteris…See More Details Engine Notes: Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP) 4 Cylinder Dual Carburetor. 2,000 Hour TBO and best in class power to weig…

What is the Tecnam P2006T?

The Tecnam P2006T is the best selling aircraft for Tecnam, a well known Italian award winning aircraft designer. The aircraft is revolutionary aircraft wit… More Info Accepting Best Offer, TTSNEW: 935hrs, Eng. Rotax 912S 100 HP, Flown Regularly, Never a Trainer, Always Hangared, IFR Panel, Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel, Gar…

What kind of avionics does the Tecnam P2002 JF have?

Avionics/Radios: Standard Garmin Avionics Package: GMA 340 Audio Panel GNC 255A COM/NAV GTX 335 Transponder ADS-B… The Tecnam P2002 JF is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear.The P2002 JF is the plane for flying with a style, enjoying beauty inside and outside.

What engine does the Tecnam P2010 MkII have?

3yr/600 hour Piston Power engine coverage plane included – Pre-owned 2018 Tecnam P2010 MkII, N456JB, 209 hours total time. Powered by the new 215 HP Lycomming IO-390. The aircraft is under a 3 year…See More Details