How much does a pudelpointer puppy cost?

How much does a pudelpointer puppy cost?

What’s the Price of Pudelpointer Puppies? As they’re not yet officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Pudelpointers is an uncommon breed in the U.S.A. Due to this, the average price for Pudelpointer puppies ranges anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

Is pudelpointer recognized by AKC?

Pudelpointer Breed History Zedlitz wanted to create the ideal gun dog that could hunt with great effectiveness over land and water. He has been accepted in the AKC’s Foundation Stock Service and is recognized as a rare sporting breed.

Is a pudelpointer a purebred?

The German Pudelpointer is also sometimes known as a Pudel, Pudlepointer, or the Poodle Pointer. Although these are purebred dogs, you may still find them in shelters and rescues.

Are Pudelpointers good bird dogs?

Bird Hunter & House Dog “Like most versatile gun dogs, Pudelpointers will hunt most all game birds.

Are Pudelpointers aggressive?

Pudelpointer owners who have owned other breeds say pudelpointers have an excellent blend of the aggressiveness desired in a field dog, but also a laid-back, sweetheart disposition in the home.

Are Pudelpointers tails docked?

Pudelpointer tails are docked at 2/3 of the original length. Pudelpointers are good swimmers and love the water. These dogs have a nice temperament and love to please their owners, which makes them very enjoyable to work with and train.

How much do pudelpointers shed?

Pudelpointers have a medium length outer coat and a dense undercoat that sheds a low to moderate amount of hair throughout most of the year. However, he does shed seasonally which means that twice per year you may notice heavier shedding.

Is a pudelpointer a good hunting dog?

Today, the pudelpointer enjoys a good reputation as a solid, dependable hunting dog but remains a rare breed even in its homeland. With just over 150 pups whelped there per year, it is more popular than the griffon and Stichelhaar, but nowhere near as popular as the German wirehaired pointer.

Is a Pudelpointer a good family dog?

The Pudelpointer is a very intelligent and trainable breed that was developed specifically for hunting. They get along well with children and have a natural desire for affection so, as long as you have the time to spend with your dog, the Pudelpointer can make a good family pet.

How many pudelpointers are there?

There’re only about 200 pudelpointers in the United States and they’re all good dogs.

How many Pudelpointers are there?

Does a pudelpointer shed?

Why choose our pudelpointers?

We have the highest standard for performance testing of any other North American Pudelpointer organization. We collectively have the most active breeding females with Utility Titles than any other Pudelpointer organization.

Where do you ship your Pudelpointer puppies?

We ship out of Wichita, Kansas. Puppies go home wormed and with first shots. We register the litter with the NAVHDA. All will have breeding restrictions until the puppy passes guidelines set by the North American Pudelpointer Association (NAPPA) and ourselves.

What is the average Nappa Pudelpointer Test score?

The past 5 years NAPPA has seen over 700 Pudelpointers tested in NAVHDA’s Natural Ability test with an average score of 106 for these 700 performers (112 is the highest possible score achievable). Pudelpointers tested during this same 5 year period by Non Alliance members had an average of 100 points.