How many miles will a BMW M5 last?

How many miles will a BMW M5 last?

However, counting all generations, the BMW M5 is more reliable than some might think according to a new study. The research, carried out by automotive analytics firm iSeeCars, says the M5 is actually the fifth ranked sports car most likely to reach 150,000 miles.

What is the best M5 to buy?

E39 BMW M5 This is the car that most fans were expecting at number one and, in many ways, it deserves to be. As a driver’s machine, the E39 M5 is arguably still the finest four-door sports car ever made. It looks sensational, even today, has a glorious naturally-aspirated 4.9 liter V8 and a six-speed ‘box.

What is the best year BMW M5?

In general, the 2003 BMW M5 is most desirable in part because it has the lowest production and the benefit of every factory improvement made over time.

How long does M5 engine last?

Is the S85 reliable?

Forums may have you believe the issues are way more common than they really are. However, S85 rod bearing failures do warrant concern. These bearings are responsible for holding the connecting rods on the crankshaft. If they wear down and are left alone for too long it may lead to complete engine failure.

How many miles can you put on a BMW M5?

A new study from iSeeCars shows that it’s one of the most likely performance cars to hit 150,000 miles. The BMW M5 is a legendary sports sedan. Since the original E28 version, the M5 has offered serious performance in a comfortable and usable package.

What are some of the BMW S63 X5 M problems?

A few common faults and failures on the BMW S63 X5 M, X6 M, M5, M6, and M8 include: 1 VANOS solenoids 2 Rod bearings 3 Excess oil consumption 4 Spark plugs & ignition coils

Are there any problems with the BMW M5 and M6 ignition coils?

Spark plugs and ignition coils aren’t truly a problem on the BMW M5 & M6. Rather, it’s standard maintenance that comes up a lot more often than some other engines. Turbo engines are already tough on the ignition system. Add in the fact the S63 is making 550+ horsepower and the ignition parts take a lot of abuse.

How do I know if my BMW S63 rod bearings are failing?

It’s really hard to tell if the BMW S63 M5 or M6 rod bearings are failing. Copper shavings in the oil are typically the only real symptom until it’s too late. Once the problem progresses you’ll likely begin to hear rod knock. From there it’s only a matter of time until the engine lets go. Again, this isn’t a truly common failure on the S63.

What causes a S63 M5 to go into limp mode?

More severe failure of the solenoids will cause the S63 M5/M6 to throw a check engine light, fault codes, and the engine may go into limp mode. Replacing the VANOS solenoids is fairly simple from a labor perspective. Many with basic knowledge can DIY the solenoid replacement.