How many kids does Anna Devane have on General Hospital?

How many kids does Anna Devane have on General Hospital?

But in real life, Anna’s lovely portrayer Finola Hughes is a mother of three little ones. In fact, she and her husband Russell Young (a professional photographer, they’ve been married since 1992) recently added to their brood by adopting their four-month-old daughter Sadie Beatrice.

Does Anna Devane have a twin in real life?

Alex Devane is the identical twin sister of WSB Special Agent Anna Devane. She has been married to Dimitri Marick since 1999, and their marriage took place in London.

Does Finola Hughes have a twin sister in real life?

1. Anna Devane has a twin sister named Alexandra, who is also played by Finola Hughes.

Who was Anna Devane married to on All My Children?

General Hospital All My Children

Siblings Gabriel Devane (half) Lindsay Devane † Alex Devane Marick (identical twin)
Spouses Robert Scorpio (divorced) Duke Lavery † (married) Robert Scorpio (1991-92; invalid) David Hayward (2002-03; invalid)
Romances Edmund Grey † Noah Drake Eli Love Luke Spencer (lovers)

What is wrong with Anna on General Hospital?

Anna suffered migraines and was ultimately diagnosed with polycythemia vera, a type of blood cancer. Later, Anna began acting strangely and it wasn’t until months went by that it was revealed that she was actually being held prisoner in London and had been replaced by her twin, Alex!

Who is Anna Devane’s husband?

Anna was also married to nightclub owner and former mobster Duke Lavery. Duke and Anna had a compelling love story, and because of his love for Anna, Duke cut all his ties with the mob. Anna was presumed dead in 1992, but resurfaced years later in Pine Valley.

Is Anna on General Hospital married?

Anna reappeared on All My Children as the twin sister of Dr. Alex Devane on March 2, 2001. In addition working as chief of police, and a brief romance with Edmund Grey, Anna marries Dr. David Hayward and they had a child together; however, that child dies as an infant….

Anna Devane
Classification Present; regular

Who is Anna’s sister on General Hospital?

Alex Marick
Alex Marick is a fictional character from All My Children, an American soap opera on the ABC network. The role was portrayed by Finola Hughes from 1999 to 2001. The character is the twin sister of fan favorite General Hospital character Anna Devane, who Hughes also brought to All My Children from 2001 to 2003.

What is Finn’s last name on General Hospital?

Hamilton Finn, M.D.
Hamilton Finn, M.D. or simply just Finn is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Who is Anna Devane daughter on General Hospital?

Robin Scorpio-Drake
After visits in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Anna permanently returned to Port Charles in 2012 after her daughter Robin’s “death”. It was later revealed that Robin was still alive and in November 2013, Anna and Robin are reunited. She has a daughter named, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake with her ex-husband, Agent Robert Scorpio.

Why does Anna Devane look different?

Anna suffered migraines and was ultimately diagnosed with polycythemia vera, a type of blood cancer. As Anna put her life back together again, Faison made another return appearance, but was killed by Peter August.

Who is Anna dating on General Hospital?

Finn got engaged to Anna and they rescheduled the first date and plan to have an August 2020 wedding.