How many entries of Marble Hornets is there?

How many entries of Marble Hornets is there?


Marble Hornets
Episodes 87 Entries with 3 half entries, 42 accompanying videos
Status Complete
Directed by: Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage
Starring Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton

What year did Marble Hornets take place in?

The video depicts scenery of buildings, streets and nature. The video goes on to explain that in 2006, a college student named Alex Kralie began shooting a college film project entitled Marble Hornets. During the process of filming, the cast and crew became increasingly irritable, especially Alex.

How tall is Alex from Marble Hornets?

Alex Kralie
Origins MarbleHornets
Condition Deceased
Actor Joseph DeLage
Height 6′ 1½” (1,87 m)

When did Marble Hornets come out?

June 20, 2009
Marble Hornets/First episode date

Is lifeless Lucy a Creepypasta?

Lucy is a young girl who was sold by her butler to a man named Christopher Anderson and later murdered by him on her birthday. Lifeless Lucy is the main protagonist to the Creepypasta story: Lifeless Lucy[1].

What happens in entry 13 of Marble Hornets?

Entry #13 contains Alex once again encountering the Operator in the park that he is using to film Marble Hornets. Entry #14 contains video involving Jay getting worried over the footage of Alex, who goes to sleep, only for the Operator to walk into the room.

What is the movie Marble Hornets about?

Critical reception was overwhelmingly negative. The series follows Jay Merrick (Troy Wagner), a young man who attempts to find out what happened during the filming of Marble Hornets, an unfinished student film helmed by Jay’s friend, Alex Kralie (Joseph DeLage).

Is the operator Slender Man in Marble Hornets?

(Note: The creators of MarbleHornets have stated The Operator IS NOT SLENDER MAN) Entry #1 starts with Jay noting he has noticed something unusual in the tapes. He decided to upload the data online for other opinions. The tape isn’t footage of Marble Hornets, but rather is footage of Alex at home.

What happened to Alex from Marble Hornets?

Alex used to attend the same school as Jay, but transferred to a different one. A large portion of Season 1 consists of tapes he filmed for personal use and for his uncompleted student film Marble Hornets. He is stabbed and killed by Tim in Entry #86.